Saturday, December 30, 2006


Bye Bye Saddam

I woke up this morning to the news that Saddam Hussein was hanged. I wasn't totally surprised since the news had hinted that his execution was imminent.Indeed,from the time the death sentence was passed I felt it was just a matter of time before the deed was done.

Saddam was no saint and am definitely not shedding any tears here. However, I admit to having mixed feelings about the whole thing. See, the thing is am not a fan of death penalties since I always end up feeling we have once more destroyed the one thing we cannot give.

That aside why was Iraq invaded again? Yeah, I remember it was all about the connection to 911 which was not proved. Then there were those elusive WMD's.No doubt the people of Iraq were being oppressed but so are many other peoples of the world and I don't see the US going in. I guess if those countries had oil it would be a whole nother story.

Anyway, the deed is done with some lingering doubts remaining about the fairness of the trial. That's all history now and as the newcasters say a chapter has been closed in Iraq's history. Somewhere, there is a spin that his death will bring closure to families who lost their loved ones in the ongoing "war". I guess the idea is they died to rid the world of one more tyrant but I would be asking why was it their battle to fight. Now,the only other question or the most pressing one is when will the US troops leave Iraq.

Ms Kami, the US isn't leaving Iraq anythime soon. The death of Saddam braings closure to those families who know for a fact or with much degree of certainty that Saddam cause the death and dissaperance of thier sons, brothers, husbands and there are a lot of such families.

Yes, Invading Iraq was a bad choice, but the question we must ask is now that Saddam is gone, who will Bush and his possee go after now. Iran, N. Korea, Cuba?
The US won't be leaving Iraq anytime soon, IMHO...
Happy New Year!
My sentiments exactly.
US not leaving Iraq anytime soon. They broke it more than Saddam did, and now they have no way to fix it, at least not without even more egg on their faces. I think they would just like to pack up and leave, and Bush can hide behind the fact that this will be someone else's problem when his term in office ends. All this, and Osama still lives.
happy new year Miss lady :D
I dont think the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Kurds and other Iraqis can be less that what the US has done (with respect, Afro) but yes, they do need to haul ass out of there. Happy 2007 Kami!
On the same page as you with this, I blogged about it too. Something just isn't right about Saddam's death.

On another note, Happy new Year.
My sentiments exactly. And contrary to popular belief, this chapter is NOT closed at all. And I don't think anyone is a fan of the death penalty, but people must be punished. Happy 2k7.
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