Monday, November 13, 2006


Yo mash it up

That's what the judges had to say in response to Kyron Baptiste's performances on Sunday night.Tania Clarke who in my opinion possessed the best voice took the third place. Next Sunday will reveal whether Omar Mathurin or Kyron Baptiste will win.

There is a story making the rounds that Allen Stanford has contributed financially to ensure that Omar made it to the final stage.Already,most of the feedback centres around it being unfair assuming the story is true. Now, I can't see why a billionaire would spend a lot of money to ensure that a person gets a 10,000USD prize. But,I don't see what's unfair about it since voting is open to the general public and one can vote as many times as he/she likes.

Last year's winner Kiokya Cruickshank and runner up Kimberley Innis lit up the stage with their guest performances.It brought home the fact that those girls are a couple notches above this year's finalists.Meantime,East Caribbean people keep voting for your favourite candidate.

Maybe it's an investment. It doesn't just stop at the $10,000US. Wish I could comment more but I'm unfamiliar with their music.
sounds like a nice show
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