Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Spreading the message

Are we winning the HIV war? Sometimes, I think not especially when one hears the statistics. However,recently something happened that gave me hope. A little seven year old girl was shown a man sitting on the steps of a building. Noticing the sores on his hands and face she asked what was wrong with him. On being told he had AIDS she sighed and said "He didn't know he had to wear a condom?"

You have no idea how unbelievably happy I was to hear her response. Maybe the war is not lost after all.

Some hear Kami, but still lots of deaf ears unfortunately....
"He didn't know he had to wear a condom?"

Glad to know that the teachings of Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul who were both virulently against condoms, even going so far as to say that condoms don't prevent the spread of aids, are being ignored.
Smart kid. Glad the message is reaching the youth.
That is proof that there is hope. We just have to do more of what we are doing and do more as well to reach everyone.
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