Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Rising Star Fever

The temperature is definitely rising as the Eastern Caribbean Rising Stars Competition enters its final stages. It's amazing the way this competition continues to capture the public's interest. With two weeks left to go and three contestants remaining Vincentians are pulling out all stops to ensure that their contestant Kyron Baptiste is the last one standing. From collection boxes displayed in business places,radio announcers whipping up support and the average man on the street soliciting contributions the support is overwhelming. Who said Vincentians don't support their own?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingToday at midday I passed by Coreas Dept store only to see a big promotional event involving Kyron himself taking place. Kyron, who was not even supposed to be a Country finalist must be still thanking his lucky stars for getting this far. The death of Patrice Bascombe and the migration of the 3rd place winner opened the door for him. Since then he has made the most of his opportunity although he had a hiccup in the first round of last week's competition. Let me not be nice and admit he sounded terrible in his struggle to stay on key. Luckily,the following two rounds compensated and the race is on for the two final spots. Who from Tania Clarke of Bdos, Omar Mathurin of Antigua and Kyron Baptiste will return next week? I can't say which one will miss out but as the promo goes "it's the votes that count"

I love Rising Stars. Ours is over, but we can keep in touch with yours. Keep me posted.
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