Monday, November 06, 2006


My favorite book

Am currently doing a paper on "To Kill a Mockingbird" for my Communications Class. I've said before on this blog that the book is one of my all time favourites. I want to share the following excerpt that just resonates with me.

Neighbours bring food with death and flowers with sickness and
little things in between. Boo was our neighbour. He gave us two soap
dolls, a broken watch and chain, a pair of good-luck pennies, and our
lives. But neighbors give in return. We never put back into the tree what we took out of it: we had given him nothing, and it made me sad.

One time Atticus said you never really knew a man until you stood in his shoes and walked around in them. Just standin' on the Radley porch was enough

Profound,isn't it? Those of you who have not read the book,go get it.

did it for cxc, one of my favorites back then
I have read it a few times, excellent book.
I read this in high school. One of the more interesting ones. Another good one is Animal Farm.
I read the book the first time around and the second time listening it on a cassette on my way to work in the mornings. The narrator's voice was so powerful, it was like a movie being acted in my head.

May I suggest the Poison Wood Bible by Barbara would love that one.
Oh, Man. My favourite book of all time. I make it a point to read it at least once per year, and each time, I discover something new.

Agree with Scratchie - Animal Farm is alo awesome.
And she never wrote another book.....

Did you know that the character Dill was based on her childhood friend Truman Capote? (Whom some also believe wrote portions of the book)
You know, I usually like to read classic literature but I haven't read "To Kill." On my book list, though.
Soli,go read the book nah.

Chris,didn't know Dill was based on Capote. Don't blame her for not writing another.How can you possibly follow up Mockingbird?

Animal Farm is great.I read that when I was small and thought it was just a fairy tale.When I got to High School and saw it was a text I was so
I love that book too. Messed up the way Tom Robinson died.
A classic.
I've read it many times...even listened to it on tape and seen the movie a gazillion times.

Love, love it.

Atticus was as upstanding as they come, and Boo Radley was one of our first public glimpses into mental illness.
BTW, I think that it was the only book that Harper Lee ever wrote, and it took her many years to complete it.
She was quoted as saying that she felt that she could never top it.
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