Thursday, November 23, 2006


Love is

Meeting Ayana for the first time and completely falling under her spell

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Show some love today and Happy Thanksgiving to my NA friends

Happy Thanksgiving Kami!
Who wouldn't fall instantly in love with her? Happy Love Thursday!
With that smile, there's no way you could help yourself. Beautiful! Happy Love Thursday!
What a beautiful child! Happy Love Thursday!
Cute kid. What's the relation?
you realize in two months the chile gine be bigga dan you
What a georgoeus baby...

It seem slike youtrying tuh send we signals

Thanks fuh de Thanksgiving wishes.
Wow...I'm under her spell, as well.
Happy Love Thursday & Thanksgiving. There is nothing like the joy a child brings you!!
I can see why, she is a cute baby!
She really cute fe true!
Happy love Thursday and Happy Turkey day. Ayana is a beautiful pookie. I can smell the baby powder.
What cute, chubby legs! So very very sweet.
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