Thursday, November 16, 2006


love is

A hug and some wide smiles

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Happy Love Thursday y'all

Hey, dem faces look familiar!
Beautiful pic, beautiful smiles
How pretty. Is that you and the beau?
I remember that. That's from the linkup. Do I see sparks flying?
how tweet..Is that your sweetness?
You are coridally invited to my blogoversary celebration.
Awww ... sugar overload ... real sweet!
If that's you, you got a sweet smile...and you sure look happy.
Camp,the handsome fella in the pic is our boy Stunner:)I thought it was a very pretty picture.

Thanks Cranky.
I love this pic! Hmmm... we do look good together ;)
so excuse me mr stunner ya lookin very comfortable there. what are your intentions towards my sister? dont make me have to come after ya.

But wait! A Who dat look soh chummy?? Stunner, Abeni ... have something to tell the blogosphere????

Just kidding guys. You 2 do look nice together. Stunner, better hide this pic from the GF!
Stunnee and Abeenee, nice. Cho.
Lawd, these people scandalous. I like it; )
Wait? Sup'm a gwaan on yah? Stunner! Unda mi nose, mi breddah? ;-)
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