Thursday, November 09, 2006


Love is

the first date. Never mind the parents were around there was still time for a little hand holding:)

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Happy Love Thursday

Update, in reference to questions in the comments: The boy in the pic died earlier this year.But,long before that mental illness had already killed him. That's why I love this pic because it reminds of when life was so much simpler.

That's great! What a wonderful Love Thursday picture.
is that you?
Bold face pickney, Unuu nuh shame? Great pix, love that you were a 'playa' even back then!
Girl, is wheh yu dig up dat picture? Very very nice.
Is who dat in the picture. Some people did brazen long
My girl, I love your blog, but posting a comment here tests my patience...all the different pop ups take ages to load..

The picture is classic love. I am guessing its you, get your first start as a heart breaker...
What a precious picture! So cute!

Happy Love Thursday!
What a great picture. So, do you still know this person, or were you just playing with his heart? Thanks for sharing the moment--Happy Love Thursday.
Aaw ...sooo cute!
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Was that your first date, then?
That is so wonderful ... I wish I had a picture like that ...
That is PRECIOUS! Worthy of a postcard.
Cnedaria,unfortunately,he died this year.

Lol,Ri most likely it was

Don't hate a playa Cali:)
so the question is...

where is this guy now????
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