Thursday, November 02, 2006


Love is

Watching High School sweethearts tie the knot. Love you guys

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oh wow, that is amazingly beautiful!!!
Looks like the perfect moment caught on film. Beautiful! Happy Love Thursday!
that is so nice.
Aww. How sweet!
This is an amazing picture! The ocean and the sunset in the background. The light shining on their faces as they gaze lovingly at each other. Wow! Love indeed!

Happy Love Thursday!
Wonderful horizon, committed couple, U can almost feel sea-breeze when U look at that pic.
Very fitting for love thursday. It's nice.
That's pretty, Congrats to them!
Ms Kami, you been going to much weddings lately...yuh trying tuh tell we sumthing.
What a picture perfect Kodack moment you have there
Camp,probably saying that's the closest I'll come to a wedding:)
The sunset in the background...this pic is a gem.
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