Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Jumbie Leggo

Growing up,every November 1st and second was met with some trepidation.After all ,this was the time when all you heard was the dreaded phrase "Jumbie leggo" used in reference to All Saints and All Souls day. On the 2nd the burial grounds would be transformed to a place of lights as relatives went out to "light up" the graves of their loved ones.

As a child one felt scared at the thought of hundreds of jumbies roaming the area on those two days. Even worse, my grandmother would place a lighted candle on the steps in memory of her deceased relatives. I used to wish she wouldn't since I interpreted it as a light to guide the jumbies home.

Nowadays, am grown and I realise that jumbies do not walk the earth on designated days.The lighted candles do not guide them home but serves instead to keep their memories alive. Not only do I put a candle on the front porch but I make my journey to the burial ground to do my duty.

However, I find myself wishing there was some truth to the old tale. It would be so nice to see the dearly departed if only for two days.

Jumbie. I suppose that's the Eastern Caribbean way of saying ghost, or duppy. I had no idea you had a Halloween type tradition in your country.
Yup,not a halloween tradition of such though. Just that we light up the burial grounds on the 2nd Nov. Only recently Halooween parties etc are happening
yea i remember a friend from grenada telling us about this and we had no clue what she was talking about
Yeah, it would be nice to get to see the dear departed again, chat with them, share a drink, gossip, find out if things really are better on the other side and whatnot...
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