Monday, November 27, 2006


It did happen

Today,I went to the doctor for a Breast Examination and a follow up check on some other problems I've been having. I explained the problem am having with my right breast and he says to take off my shirt and bra to be examined.

I know the drill, have been here before so no worries. So he does his prodding and poking,tells me nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and recommends a blood test.Then it gets weird as the touching begins to feel like a caress and some alarm bells begin ringing in my head. As am beginning to get decidedly uncomfortable the touching stops with a request to get dressed.

Heading to the car I tell my friend something weird happened in the doctor's office. "What do you mean?" she says. I reply " Some inappropriate touching took place in there". "Are you sure?" she says. "Yup,I am positive".

Then she hits me with the million dollar question "Why didn't you say something?"

Still can't answer. Maybe it was the shock or plain disbelief but it really did happen.

Sorry to hear that Kami.

I am sure you know what you are talking about. You should have said something. Then again, who am I to talk?

I have had a youndg female in her early 20s come to see me on account a skin rash.....whaich was 'all over' whaihc when I examined here di not exist. Only to have her feel up my package. I left her behind the screen and told her to dress up.....I was so taken aback that I too ended up saying nothing.

BTW, if you feel that something is not quite right with your breasts, seek a second opinion, this opinion could be flawed by his possibly wanting to get more than medical palpation out of the visit.
Apologies re the typos...
damn! well at the very least dont be going back to him
That is terrible.

I thought that they are required to have a female in the room these days.

Don't go back, and you can always say something now.
Kami, that is terrible. Is this your regular Dr. if so, definitely report the incident and change dr's.
what tha?!? I can understand why u didnt say something, as a patient we have this childlike trust in our doctors that they will fix our frail bodies. Unfortuneately this can leave the door open for sickos to abuse that trust. He took an oath 'first do no harm'.
Sorry to hear girl.
I've been there too. I sometimes feel that way when the doctor checks out my netherregions, asking me to cough.
never had that happen.
doctor in grenada always has a female nurse in the room, so too the doctor in bimshire.
doctor in jamaica dont have no nurse, but he too busy giving me joke to fool around.
Awwww....sheesh! Mi Mudda always seh "if it smell like a fish." Sorry to hear about the feel up. Don't back at all...
Hmph, If a woman walked into my office, took off her shirt and voluntarily invited me to examine her breasts... Then again, I'm not a doctor...
I've never been felt-up by a doctor... I've Hoped... But no luck so far...
Bwoy, I agree with Island Spice, you hear me love. I also agree with Trouble, there are a couple of female doctors that if I heard they were giving out feel ups, I would get sick INSTANTLY! :)
But doah go back there unless you have some plan for entrapment! Probably you could blackmail the bastard! Tell you what, if you decide to share the money, I will help you to do it...

(* don't feel I am making light of the issue. Just trying to bring a smile to your lips. *)
That is a downright travesty and a breach of the highest level. Don't you dare go back young lady. And report him too.
I totally understand why you didn't say anything even though it warranted comment. It's one of those things where you can't believe it really happened.

Sigh. Predator!
Yet we know that this kinda predatory evil thrives on secrecy. Mi Grandma always used to say, "Duppy know who to frighten." Predators prob'ly try to guess who's been (or will be) "quiet" about this kinda thing -- tho de C'bean has such a culture of secrecy that most people could be his target by that criterion.
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