Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Goodbye Fidel?

Will we ever see Fidel Castro leading Cuba again? It looks like that hope is fading fast fast. Four months after his stomach surgery Fidel still is unable to take back up the reins of power. Now, he has admitted to being not well enough to attend his official birthday celebrations. Things to make you go hmmmmmmmmmm

Am not willing to write his epitaph as yet but it looks like the end of the road for one of the most controversial world figures. Sometimes, I have even woondered if he has not already died and the state of Cuba has been keeping a tight lid on it.

Stranger things have happened, right?

Even the most powerful of men have no control over when their number will be called Kami. Were it so, the wealthy and powerful would never die.

I believe Fidel's brother is next in line....
Yea, Fidel days are numbered, but he still got things in controll by handing power over to his brother while he's still alive and can make and influence decisions. It's going to be interersted to see what's next.
Since it's Cuba we are talking about, I can't say there isn't a cover up of Fidel's death if it has already happened. They are a country all to their own.

What I want to see is what will happen after he dies. What will be in store for Cuba. What will change and what will remain. I've always had a soft spot for Castro cause my dad looks exactly like him to the point where his alias name is Castro!!
I think Fidel will be unable to return to power. They are just keeping it under wraps to maintain the peace.
Oh No! I haven't even read the news back home and caribbean since I've been away. I like Fidel! I may not like his politics, but I love the fact that he stands up to the USA.
Strong, strong, strong -- and human.
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