Friday, November 10, 2006


Godspeed Ed Bradley

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSunday nights at 8 pm has long been 60 Minutes time at my house.Which 60 minutes junkie doesn't remember this? I'm Mike Wallace, I'm Morley Safer. I'm Ed Bradley, I'm Steve Kroft, I'm Lesley Stahl. Those stories and Andy Rooney, tonight on 60 Mins.Yes, here is where I got my first glimpse of the tall distinguished looking bearded man that was Ed Bradley.As I grew older I began to appreciate how much of a trailblazer he really was. Over the years I saw him conduct some memorable interviews but my favourite was one where he interviewed Muhammad Ali in Cuba.

In that interview Ali aided by his wife and others plays a pratical joke on Bradley.Ali's wife informs Bradley that he sometimes falls asleep and gets violent and starts punching in his sleep. Next thing you know Ali begins to doze off and we hear some light snoring. Suddenly, he throws a punch at Bradley who jumps back in surprise and ALi immediately breaks out in laughter. I can tell you Bradley wasn't the only one caught by ALi that day.

RIP,Ed Bradley.You'll be sorely missed.

Yes, I remember that touching interview with Ali. Bradley was a genius. Journalism is losing all of it true veterans and trailblazers... We never knew he was sick..He endured to the end.
Now that's a real journalist. 60 Minutes was one of my favourite news shows before I even started liking news. He will be missed.
Indeed a true trailblazer in a number of ways. Even the way he would proudly wear his earring. R.I.P
Loved your tribute, sis.

And yes, I still upset!! :(
All the true journalists of our time are slipping one by one. RIP Ed Bradley. I don't want to think who will be next.
rest in peace
Thanks for the info..I didn't know he passed away.
60 Minutes spent all of yesterday's show featuring the life and times of Ed "Butch" Bradley!! The man had quite the career. Will be missed.
Hey there!

It's been a minute. I watched the tribute show last night. Made me cry. Very moving tribute at the end when Winton played the trumpet.
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