Monday, November 20, 2006


Congrats Kyron

How many times have you heard the saying "What is for a man he must get?" I cannot think of anything more applicable to describe the Digicel East caribbean 2006 Rising stars winner Kyron Baptiste.

Hailing from the dispossessed area of Sandy Bay, home to the indigeneous Caribs he had little or no visibilty in the public's eye. Migration to the Grenadine isle of Bequia in his adult years only served to make him even less visible.

Therefore, in the local leg of the Rising stars competition it was small wonder he placed fourth behind three hugely popular young ladies.At this point he must have been focusing on rentering the 2007 competition.

Then Patrice died, Danielle migrated leaving an opening for the 4th placed Kyron to make it through to the last sixteen. And what a fairytale journey it has been. From being ignored in the initial voting to totally captivating the hearts of Vincentians and the studio audience in Barbados to emerge eventual winner.

I was looking forward to hear his tribute to Patrice but for whatever reason it didn't happen.It would have added a nice touch but at the end of the day am thrilled for Kyron. Somewhere in his story is a lesson about life handing you opportunities and being prepared to grasp them.


well for the final night.. i really think that Kyron should have sang a much touching song or a song dedicated to Patrice.. but that didn't happen and he still won so i guess it will be left at that.... I hope that he will do great things to make St. Vincent and all other Caribbean countries proud of him..
I am only 15 years and from Dominica but my support was there from since the night he auditioned...
Kyron, go out there and make the Caribbean proud and never forget who you are cuz fame is just a word that shelters destruction of true family.. so go out there and know who you are and remember where you come from... You're the one and only Kyron Baptiste from St. Vincent!!!!!!!!
Congrats Kyron. Never knew the guy or heard his music, but from your accounts, he has worked hard.
From the beginning it was clear that Kyron was just meant to be the winner. He won hands down, no debate nor discussion needed! It was great just to watch him perform. I hope he goes on to do great things.
congrats to him
Lets hope he manages to use this as a springboard to much greater things, because I still haven't heard him yet!
This is for those who never saw Kyron's PERFORMANCE at the in the Rising Star Competition.

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