Friday, October 27, 2006


Sexiest Woman Alive 2006

No,not me but according to Esquire magazine it is Scarlett Johannson

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What say you?

Wow, they examined pictures of all 3,000,000,000+ women in the world and came up with Ms. Johannson? That's an impressive feat. Kudos Esquire. Kudos for having the guts to make a stand on a completely subjective perception like aesthetics and teaching us rabble what true beauty really is.

Hmmmm, imagine if just once, one of these most beautiful people awards went to a waitress in some cafe in Sao Paolo... (Or a school teacher in St. Vincent ;)
So she's the flavor of the season...Oh well all a matter of perspective. It always amaze me how they come up with their finalist and out of how many. Can the sexiest woman not be in the media/entertainment industry.
Scarlette is beautiful in the old Hollywood Kind of way. But Sexiest woman alive....I don't know. I like Chris's idea....they should pick some undiscovered beauty out there...they can always email me for my address. ;)
She's prob'ly among de world's sexiest by anybody's poll. IMHO, nutten noh wrong wid har that she can't mek de list or lead de list.
Not bad at all. She's a bit pasty, but that's OK. Enjoy your time in the spotlight Ms. Johannsen. And it won't be long, knowing how fickle Hollywood is.
Matter of taste... Magazine has its opinion. Not my speed.
Did the 2005 woman die?
I want to know who were the other contenders. If the pick was only from Hollywood, I can come up with at least 3 other people who IMHO are sexier than her - Eva Mendez, Angelina Jolie, Kate Bekinsale.

I agree with Chris, find some regular beauty in a restaurant, department store, government office and bring her to the public.

Nothing on the 2006 sexiest man???
Jessica Biel made the cut for 2005 Fro ... and she ain't dead.
Please! Which part of her sexy? Check out my weekend post for my idea of sexy!!!

CD, as for the sexiest man, they just waiting until I finish school to go accept the awart. LOL!!!
LOL, Mighty Afroditee's comment is so funny. Cracks me up. Hehe.

Hey, this is totally off topic but this song (on your blog) rocks! Only thing, whenever I come on your blog, the song stays in my head for hours, so I'd be at work humming it to myself if I check your blog before work. Or I'm in the supermarket singing it.

Makes me want to buy it.
Indeed a matter of taste. And shes not my taste.

She nuh shape bad...but she aint my sexiset woman dead or alive. Nuff oddas can mek her look like she nuh exist!
she ok but to be honest she aint doing it fa me
She looks nice, I'd take her out, but she want some sun. Afro's comment was funny, yes. I guess these ladies come in like food. If you eat/see a particular one too much, you get cloyed.
Ok...Whatever :S
Janet Miranda is the hottest actress coming in to the spot light. She is way hotter than all these girls. Check her out.
She is fly!
Janet Miranda is incredibly gorgouse. I found her on the web.
She is an actress and a model. She is stunning.
Janet Miranda is definately hotter then Scarlet. Dont get me wrong mrs. Johanson is a beauty but Janet Miranda actress from NYC is hotter! She is a sexy fox!
Judging by my name, I think Janet Miranda is the absolute cat's meow. Scarlett Johansson is stunning too but Janet Miranda is really something!
I just googled Janet Miranda. Is this a joke? She looks more like a dog than a fox to me. How can you compare that to Scarlet Johansson?
I just googled Janet Miranda aswell. I found her official website She is HOT STUFF and it looks like she is high in demand. Scarlett is hot aswell but Janet Miranda is Sexy HOT!
I checked the website and you are absolutely right. Janet Miranda is really hot. I think she is on the same level as Scarlet.
Is it me, or Janet Miranda Angelina Jolie's Twin sister? They are identical looking. Scarlet you have competition from the Jolie sister's.
I also checked out this new girl on the block Janet Miranda. I think she does have a slight resemblence to Angelina Jolie but i think she looks more like Michele Pfiefer. Which ever it is she is beautiful! Scarlet dont feel bad you are beautiful too.
Ha Ha Angelina is much hotter than Scarlet. Janet Miranda is fine. You are right Janet Miranda new actress on the block looks like the Blonde Angelina Jolie.
Janet Miranda The Blonde Angelina Jolie! Wow now we got two of them.
The amazing thing is that Janet can play it up if she wanted to but I guess she just wants to have her own image and she keeps herself BLONDE. She is so pretty.
I would love to see them in a film together. Angelina & Janet move.
Two of the hottest girls in movies.
I just googled actress Janet Miranda and found some clips of her on you tube. She is a great actress. She also happens to be wonderful eye candy.

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