Saturday, October 21, 2006


School and teen mothers

Yesterday,while browsing a local newspaper I stumbled across an article that annoyed me. Judge Lyle St Paul was commenting that it is time for stocktaking with the rentry of teenage mothers in secondary schools. He further queried whether Vincentians were sure that allowing mothers back in school was the right thing.

Yes Mr Judge,it is the right thing to do and kudos to the Vincy govt for getting it right. Why should the teen mother be deemed unfit for education? And please don't tell me it is because she will somehow contaminate the other girls and cause them to be sexually immoral.

Most would prefer teenagers to not be sexually active but the reality is that a lot of them are. Actually, most seem to be uncomfortable with female teen sexuality and the response to pregnancy is to cast them out. On the other hand the double standard of teen fathers remaining in schools must be seen as something honourable.

Who knows a second chance may just translate into a more responsible approach to education.After all they now have a responsiblity to provide for their child and an education is the window for making it possible.

I also noticed where the same judge knocked lifetime sentences for rape. Let's just say I won't argue if they were given two life sentences.Seems to me though he thinks rapists should get a slap on the wrist.That must explain why he allowed a man who was found guilty of rape to walk away with a charge to keep the peace for 3 years in the sum of 15,000. In default of which he will do five years prison time. Very baffling indeed

I agree with you. Say let us assume there is value in keeping pregnant mothers out of school because it "reduces promiscuity" (a stupid assumption in my opinion). That would still be outwieghed by the value of education in enabling mothers to financially and in other ways take care of their children.
More than baffling.. thats upsetting. I went to convent school where teenage moms were kicked out. Many of these women are now active, vibrant contributors to our society. Judge Chauvinist needs to wake up.

Shubh Divali!!
Some people would even prefer if teenage mothers were placed in a different (mayB a "rehabilitative") school environment, de rationale bein' that such "mild ostracism" would B a deterrent & would therefore reduce teenage pregnancy. Just like U, I've always maintained: "What about teenage fathers? What's their sanction?"
I only hope his daughter never gets raped. Then again, he'd probably think it was her fault and disown her. Maybe he should get raped, see what its like...
Keeping teen mothers out of school only add to the already burdening unemployment and uneducated not to mention social services sector of the society. They should be allowed to return to school, What a valuable teaching lesson they will be to the other wayward teens.

When that Judge daughter/neice/grandaughter is rapes, then he'll be singing a different song.
Hmm... Lyle St Paul? Would that be former Grenada High Court Magistrate Lyle St Paul? He's now in St Vincent? If so no doubt he's obviously brought with him a great deal of the Grenadian legal system's outlook on rape/sexual issues.
When wll they ever learn? It seems as if societies have been faced with this issue for countless years, and cannot arrive at a logical answer. They have no shame for the continuing this form of discrimination as women continue to suffer, because we can get 'caught'!
YY...The very same Lyle St Paul.I figure he hates women based on those nonsense comments
That guy's got his head mixed up. Teen mothers deserve a chance to prove themsleves to others and to themselves, to make a better life for their children. Banning them from schools will not make things better. My mother was a young mother when she had me. An adult mind you, but still young.
some judges are idiots. thats just a fact
He needs to be demitted from the bench. Not doing any good to your justice system. Agree with you on all points.
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im always amazed by how stupid transcends borders?!?!
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