Thursday, October 26, 2006


Love is

Tomorrow, is my island's 27th birthday. Come and take a pictorial journey with me of the breathtakingly beautiful island that I love so very much. God knows there are many things wrong with SVG but there is also so much that is right. No other place embraces me the way this one has, no other place soothes and comforts the way this one does. This is home and I love it.

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Arnos vale Playing Field

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Walliabou Cove.Site Of Pirates Of Caribbean Set

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Vincentian Sunset

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Beautiful Grenadine Beach

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Beautiful Bequia

It pretty for real! What do I/T professionals get salary-wise down there? ;-)
Awesome!!! Thanks for the wonderful journey.
Some o dem spots look familiar Kami!

The sunset shot is postcard worthy!

Happy Birthday to Hairoun country.
Tell me you took those beauty shots yourself.

Didn't know that Pirates of the Caribbean was shot in St Vincent.

Happy 27th, enjoy the day of festivities
What beautiful photos! The sunset was just amazing!!
Nice pics. And the 27th is my other halfs and my fathers birthday.

Enjoy the weekend.
Fantastic Kami. The photos are wonderful.
Happiest of Happy Birthdays!
Happy 27th birthday St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Had no idea your country was so young. It's beautiful. You're never too far from the sea are you?
Respeck, 27-y-old SVG. Those pics really luvly.
wish i were there!
Beautiful photos, and beautiful island. Hmm, as MB said, how's the salary there for an electrical engineer?
Hmmm, I wonder if I should check it out as well? Hey Kami, since you're checking out salaries, check out what finance professionals get ok?

It's a beautiful island. We live in paradise I tell you.

SVG is a young little girl - only 27.
Lol,all those positions y'all asked about are well paid.

camp,only two I can claim

Doc,you must recognise Bequia and the view of Kingstown from the harbor

yup leon always close to the water
A happy belated birthday!

*wave* at K from Z! :)
Actually here's SVG
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