Thursday, October 19, 2006


Love is

Finally getting to hug your favourite teacher. Spare the Mary Kay comments:)

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How very sweet! Congratulations on your graduation. Happy Love Thursday!
He looks sooo smitten & floatin' on air 2 B huggin' his fave teacher -- that's truly a Kodak moment -- once in a lifetime.
Nice picha there Teach!
Looks like a very happy day! Great picture--thanks for sharing and Happy Love Thursday!
He should look happy...not often you get to grab a young teacher :D
If I had a teacher as pretty as you, you'd be my favourite teacher too ;)
Awww, sweet picture. Beautiful.
He looks so smitten like he's thinking "I can't believe I'm actually hugging her. Should I spoil this moment and steal a feelski??? Nah ... I'll just enjoy the hug".

Very nice pic.
He looks like he is in a dream that he doesn't want to wake up from.
very cute - i never got hugs from some of my favourite young males teachers - I think they were scared our dads would take it the wrong way!
If I were him, I would have wanted to hug you too... Now its just too dangerous. I don't want to become a battered husband!
Nice! A proud teacher and her student.
Very cute! :)
but wait! teacher putting on weight or what? :-)
he look a little to comfortable there. and i dont like how high his hand is. :)
how cute!
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