Thursday, October 12, 2006


Love is

Being a first time Daddy
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Oh man. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a man hold his newborn. Nothing.

Thanks so much for sharing this, and Happy Love Thursday!

He looks completely entranced!
Very, very beautiful! You can tell he's already completely in love.
Everytime I watch my BF hold our son, tears come to my eyes. The overflowing of love displayed by just the look is breathtaking. It is truly amazing.
VERY sweet!!! Seeing Daddy's with their newborns is SO precious!!!

Props to him for taking care of the child. I think I may have to post a love thursday pix but my fear is that most of mine look more like alcohol lust and not love
Aww! So sweet. Who's the dude?
Am seein' de bucket-link but not de pic.
That reminds me of my hubby holding our newborn son. Same exact expression.

Happy Love Thursday. Mine's up. Care to drop by?
Nice photo.
Guy looks so overwhelmed. Took a while for the photo to load but it was worth the wait.
Beautiful - gotta tack on a "responsible is being around for your child" on to that.
Nice post. Check my blog which deals with love. It is called A Journey Through Love.
Reminds me of the picture where my Daddy is holding his firstborn...ME! :o)

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate it sis.
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