Thursday, October 05, 2006


Love is

Childhood friends sharing a moment on a special day.

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So sweet!!!
That's a great picture. How nice it is to still have friends from childhood to be there throughout your life.
Truely a blessing to have such a friendship!! Beautiful photo!
I'm really enjoying this new segment to your blog. And it has nothing to do with the hot girl on girl action pictures like the one above. Ok, very little do do with them :P
lol. Nice pic.

Even though I shouldn't be talking to allyu since oonuh beat up the Reggae Boyz lol.

I'm out
VERY sweet!!!! :D
For a moment I thought it was you in the white frock!
It's so great that you still have friends from childhood. People who have known you your whole life. Thanks for sharing such a great picture and Happy Love Thursday!
Aww! What a lovely picture! Wedding bells in the works Kami? LOL.
Beautiful photo! What a wonderful friendship you must have!
I love you too Chris:)

Cmon what's a lil football game between friends:)

glad you others liked the pic
My best friends and I have know each other since we were in grade school and we have all experienced the joy of being involved in each other's weddings. Your post reminds me of that. Thank you.

Lovely. Just lovely.! You two are so beautiful! How great that you were able to share this moment on her special day.
nice! so when is your turn?
What's better than catchin' de bouquet? Havin' it be a part o' de hug, & then havin' her hand it over when de hug's done!
Nice photo. Did you catch the bouquet?
Nice picture. I like the idea of this thursday love is sort of thing, I just don't have pictures to post up. I will have to remedy that.
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