Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I want to be a man..I think

I've always thought being a man would be so cool. Not only would I be free from period and labour pains but I could also get away with some social behaviours. For example,I could urinate and scratch my genitals publicly without raising too many eyebrows. If I were to tell the world I had numerous sex partners I would get bigups instead of the ho label.

However,after listening to a group of 30 and 40 something females gripe about the appearance of some gray hairs on their head men are gaining even more points, since I've never heard a man worry about the appearance of gray hairs. Maybe, it's because society says men look distinguished with gray hairs while women just look...old. Additionally, men have the option of going totally bald and looking good with it. That would explain why women go in panic mode when the grays spout up and start plucking them out before deciding it's time for the cover up dyes.

Eventually, I guess I would have to answer the dye or not to dye question. I wonder if I would bow to vanity or just let the grays run wild. Actually,I don't think I'd mind the grays as much if only they'd all come out at once.I can't stand this black and white mixture but I could try making a cool fashion statement with a totally silver head. Who knows I may convince others to follow suit..... just maybe.

Ha! I always knew you chicks wanted to be like us. There are some advantages to being a woman though. Men can't flaunt their sexuality to get money, or get the perks that women get. The grass is always greener I suppose.
We can wear their clothes, & people think it's a cool look. They can't wear ours.
Everyone feels de urge 2 cry sometimes, but only women can do it without bein' gawked at.
They can never blame it on PMS.
Paternity gets questioned often -- maternity, seldom if ever. So we're more certain in some ways.
U get de point.
I could urinate and scratch my genitals publicly without raising too many eyebrows.

Unless you urinate and scratch your genitals publicly at the same time. That could raise a few eyebrows and warrants in some states. The fascists!
I don't ever want to be a man. Being a woman is just too much fun!!!
NO honey you don't want the pressure a man has to deal with having to be the one everyone looks to for provisions, protection, pride, etc! Besides you women are much smarter than us!
Is that your child??
Immigrant,am willing to give it a shot.No,that's not my baby
Hey Kami, I'm glad I'm a woman of course, it's more fun. But I'd love to stand and pee, looks like fun. And er, uhm, I've kinda always wondered how a penis feels when it's inside. Somehow whenever I ask men to describe in detail the feeling (eg. is it warm?)they do a poor job. For those two reasons, I'd love to be a man for a week. Then I can go back to being girly, dressing up, and bawling at the drop of a hat.
Hey Abeni. You expressed some sentiments that I've always felt. You left out that you can date women half your age and get props for it. I enjoy being a woman too much tho.
I love to see women with a full head of shiny healthy silver [never grey] hair.
Maybe we rude dudes so do post to try help Gela with her...'how it feels inside' thing...I will see if I get the urge to start the ball (pun intended) rolling on the weekend!
that should read...we rude dudes should do a post....anyway whatever, TGIF!
Youre so stupid.
You can't want to be a man for the social perks. That discounts those of us who truly were born a male... My whole life I have fought with being in the wrong body. I have faked relationships with boys and faked a sex life and worn clothes I hated and lied to my parents. My whole life has been a lie, and you want to be a man because it means you can pee standing up?
Get a life.
Lighten up ms anonymous..
i have wanted to me a man for like ten years now i hate my boobs my area my periods my long hair my ckick cloths my friends pressuring me to dress all girly girly and most of all i HATE being a girl just cause you dont approve dont mean you should nock it
I have wanted to be a man my whole life, and none of the listed social perks is why. Im a man on the inside and i wish i could just be myself. when i found out my mom was forcing me to be a briads maid at my sisters wedding i went through a lot of depression and was even hospitalized. wanting to be the opposite sex is not something you should take lightly and i cant believe u would talk so lightly about it and its social perks. i cry every night because im trapped i n a womens body and that my parents dont understand me and ignore me. i find it offensive.
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Neither of you should want to be men for stupid reasons like that. Our society and our nature needs to change so that people think of each other as people, not as males or females.
You know what . yeah i'm only 15 yet i know what i feel and i'm sick and tired of people callin It a phase. trust me i wish It was i feel trapped in this woman's body i want to be a Man to me that's who i am Not this female . i've lived my whole life pretending i don't know what to do i actually want to die and just end all this pain
anonymous i know the pain you are going through its exactly how i feel
but u shouldnt think about dying and just taking the easy way out
i was once just like you but i starting looking at the bigger picture , why am i even here in this world and why did god create it my body like awomen and my mind like aman was it to torture me ?
ofcourse not i realised after avery hard period of my life that every person has his/her own share of problems in this world no matter what or how big it is and each person has his/her own battle to fight , and maybe thats my battle to go on living like im supposed to be , as awomen although i feel like aman in order to reach my highest goal which is winning at the end = going to heaven and pleasing god thats what really matters , u suffer what ? 70 , 80 yrs ?maybe less to gain happiness for eternity , i think thats worth it , what do u think?
((You know what . yeah i'm only 15 yet i know what i feel and i'm sick and tired of people callin It a phase. trust me i wish It was i feel trapped in this woman's body i want to be a Man to me that's who i am Not this female . i've lived my whole life pretending i don't know what to do i actually want to die and just end all this pain)))

i know exactly how u feel i felt like that my whole life and in fact i still do but i learned how to deal with it ,
but first dont think about dyeing and just taking the easy way out .. dont give up just yet
i dealed with my probem by looking at the bigger picture here , why am i here in this world ? did god create my body as women and my mind as aman to torture me ?
ofcourse not , u see every person has his\her own share of problems in this life no matter what or how big it is , everyone has his\her own battle to fight ,
and i thought maybe thats my battle which is to live as im supposed to be (awomen ) and fight my inner feelings in order to gain my ultimate goal which is pleasing god and happiness in eternity , im gonna suffer for like wat ? 70 , 80 yrs ? maybe less , to gain happiness forever after that ! i think its totally worth it ! dont u think ?
and believe me it not that easy , it is hard and sometimes frustrating , i still get some bad days but believing and having faith is what keeps me going , and just know that best things dont come easy !
my prayers go to you ...
hi. me anonymous again.
i've really tried may Not seem like but i hate wearing female clothes i do but i am always insecure and don't know how to act like a female . to me i'm a man and yeah i feel like i'm being tortured by god and like he wants us to be happy but how can i be i'm trapped inside this body which i despise and i just want to be happy and i don't want to feel like this . what am i going to do when i get older i can't have a relationship i'm Not attracted to any lads and i don't want to be a lesbian if You get me. i don't know what to do . feeling panicked and terrified and so alone is an understatement . by the way Thankyou though just for understanding
Heyy people, I am a woman and I don't know if I want to be a man or not. It may sound very wrong but actually being a man isnt all it seems. First of all men have the pressure of looking hard when really they may not be. Secondly who is the person who has to make the firsy move when the man wants to marry a woman whille woman just sit back and either say yes or say no and break the mans heart. Third of all no one likes having to go through their period but when you are pregnant you have brought the child into the world and the child will probobly have more of a conection with you. Last of all woman dont have as much pressure to get a job than men do and the man is alot of the time the main bread winner. So basically being woman isnt so bad and dont you forget that ladies !!
i'm still quite a young girl, but i'm wondering whether being male would be better for me. 'cause i am really close to my dad, and i find it hard to imagine any child being that close to their mother. also, there are a lot of men who have inspired me so much, and it makes me sad to know i will never be like them. also, y'know, this bit will sound so strange... but i fancy being gay. i think it would be so cool ( don't know why, don't judge me). i've tried to be lesbian, but i like men, and if i got... y'know, changed, i'd still like men. gay people are awesome. i'm not being stereotypical, i know loads of gay men.
By the way, I'm 11.
hey anonymous ,
i kinda understand what u r going through i still feel awkward dressing up n being all girly , i actually hate it , n ppl still like always tell me (kinda like when theyre kidding) , that i was supposed to be born aboy instead cuz ive always liked guys stuff n hanging out with guys , i never stopped doing what i liked i still dont care what people think about me liking sports n karate n all , but when i dress i try to add something girly to the equation lol sporty girly i would say , but still im not into shopping or manucure or all that girly crap , but i try to manage u know maybe its atest from God or watever i try to do that to cope atleast so i wouldnt live miserably maybe not completely happy but atleast try , n maybe one day itll get better , n about the relationships it does freak me out ! cuz i feel abolutely nothing towards other men n i dont wanna abe alesbian !!
n when my girlfriends talk about guys i just sit there n nod , but i just try not to think about that right now , why worry about something in the future ?! , just trying to live the moment focus on studies n mostly my passion karate ! n im still hoping one day ill find the answer .
:) btw im taking to the first anonymous the one i talked to before ;p
The Anonmymous girl that's 11, I know how you feel. I was okay with being a girl until I realized that a few of the older boys were treating there girlfriends like property. I tried to ignore it for a while but my curiosity got the best of me, and I used the internet to find out what society thought of women. According to many men, women are whores, and I just couldn't take it. I don't like my body or being disrespected my my male friends as I get older. (BTW, this started when I was 10 and I'm currently 12.
I understand what your saying,I always (and still) thought being a male would be better than being female.I dont really act like a female,I know I'm different...and some people don't understand that this is your descion (I can't spell) and not thiers.
Dude I understand I be always wanted to e a guy myself still do I feel as though life would be easier less pressure and I would like myself more....I hate being a female I hate how people are always saying u should try more or look nicer or be more feminine truthfully I could give two shots at being feminine because I personally don't think flaunting my tits and wearing " nice " clothing will make me feel better evert since I was 12 I be felt like I was in the wrong skin like something inside wasnt clicking and I still haven't changed i still want to be a guy but my family thinks differently they want me to hide it and tell no one I hate living in this body in this mind set where I feel like I'm wrong...I hate being a female I be never wanted children I hate not being able to do the things I want to do.....its just not fair I hate feeling as though I'm inferior and women are not inferior were just better in different ways haha but anyways yeah I understand you I really do...
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