Monday, October 02, 2006


Flavor of Love

I hate reality shows. I find them to be so contrived that it makes a mockery of the word reality. Yet am addicted to VH1's Flavor of Love and loving every moment of it. I got it so bad that I watch it at midday on Sundays and then again at 10 pm for good measure.

I should really hate this show but I can't. There is nothing good in watching women abusing each other physically and verbally as they jostle for Flav's attention. Anything for 15 minutes of fame,right? Then, there is Mr Flav, complete with grillz, the ever present clock around his neck and his outlandish clothes. I wince everytime I see the man appear and the girls fall over themselves to greet their man. Even though am horrified am busy recruiting friends to get in on the Flavor of Love experience.

I thought last season was pretty shocking with Pumkin spitting in New York's face among other things. This season we saw a contestant take a crap on the mansion's floor and actually boast about it. As if that wasn't bad enough we were given an earfull of Flav and New york's private time.

I can hardly wait for Sunday to see which girl will get her custom made grillz. New York or Deelishus,New York or Deelishus will be the song playing in my head this week. Please, don't let it be New York or we would miss some dramatic meltdown moments. I need help,don,t I?

Hello there,

I flew in threw Mad Bull's Blog, and saw your post on Flavour of Love.

I do find the show to be quite grotesque and embarrassing, but I find myself strangely compelled to watch it! The last time that I did, I realised that my face was hurtin', because I had a sneer of disgust throughout the entire show, but I could not change the channel!!!!

I sneer with disgust when someone mentons the show, and am embarrassed to admit that I also partake! feel as if I am doin' an illicit drug, or hiding my rum in a brwn paper bag.
Never seen it...but I think I will leave it up to you and Cali J who seem to do a personal thing commenting after each episode....
No comments from me. I will just leave the "fun" all to you.
You do need help! Flav is so facially challenged, that I'm having a hard time understanding why these women are falling all over themselves for him. I come to one conclusion ... the show is no reality and they are paid good money to make a fool of themselves on TV!
crapping on the floor and boasting about it hmmmm
as a guy would i really want a woman who could do something like that?
I totally agree with CD, they are being paid good money to do all the stuff they do on TV. I believe most of these girls to be strippers or something like that.
Re reality shows, I think they would better be called "Unreality" shows, but guess what? I watch "Flavour Flav!!!"
Ah started watchin' it a few weeks ago, & was kinda stuck starin' at de inanity up until last week. Now, ah don't know what did it, but I've stopped watchin' & just can't B bothered wid it.
Flava Flaaaaaaaaaaave!!! New York's mom alone was worth the price of admission. She is a very special human :)

I share your thoughts on the show. Flava's not that big a catch girls!
Abeni, few things...speaking of recruiting friends I now have a few of my male friends addicted to the show. Just met an actor who shares a manager with some of the FOL personnel and look for spin off type things...and look for a return in the future. Funny thing is that they guy basically outlined an entire show to me (as in a whole season) which makes it hard to believe that it is 'reality' (if you still believe that that word has meaning). Anyway what he outlined to me is damn funny and would make you laugh but there is no way I am posting that online, link me up some time and we will talk w/o the use of blogs
Those girls are all strippers, hookers, etc. I know this is stereotyping and I hate that I do it, but who else is going to try and hook up with flavaflave with the confounded clock around his neck and his grills.

I understand though Abeni about being hooked to a show that you're thinking should horrify you.

I sorta like flavaflave. He's cute in that monkey-cute sorta way. Y'all know that monkeys are cute right?
Ok, I'm just reading the comments now. LOL@ Afrodite
I hope flav no about those pic's of Deelishus or he will be looking for 20 more girls.
fav should of pick newyork cause they both are ugly its true he dont want no girl friend just fuck buddy.
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