Monday, October 30, 2006


Flava of Love.Reunion time

After waiting all week for the Flava of Love Reunion show it was such a let down. Somehow,I expected much more than I got. Anyway,there were a few moments that I thoroughly enjoyed. First up was Krazy's "singing" and all I have to say after last night's demonstration is she should just give it up. Girl cannot sing to save her life,she was so bad I felt embarrassed.

Thn there was the New York/Bootz exchange. "Bootz, right? Is it Bootz? Because I don't really remember you." Gotta love,New York

Seriously though,If I were Deelishus I would be very displeased at the way Miss New york was the centre of the attraction.Imagine having to sit through Flav and New York talking about their special relationship and keep a straight face.

And did I hear Flav say he got New York her show? Won't it be something if Flav is a guest who turns up to help New York choose the man of her dreams or better yet is a contestant? Lol,stranger things have happened.

Anyway,am glad it's done.Hopefully,I soon drop all my Flavisms like wooooooooooow and refrain from encouraging my male friends to say "crowd round your man".

On another note Kyron Baptiste is making his mark in the Digicel rising Star competition. Digicel must be loving me because I voted ten times for him today. Am sure I'll vote again before the week is up because am such a patriot:)

In that case I will just say howdy and hope all is well.
I for one will miss my flava of luv....what's sunday night without all that crazziness. I missed the reunion sigh. But I wil never forget the 'love dance' new york and flava flav did, to annoy her mum.

New York gets her own show....Do I dare hope????
"Girl cannot sing to save her life, so bad, felt embarrassed." That sounds funny, but ah still don't feel like ah missed much, not havin' seen it.
You've got it reeaaalll bad. Its a good thing the show is over, or someone would need to stage an intervention!
Afro,am ashamed to say am currently watching the reunion..sigh
As I said many times, I'm not a fan of the show. I like it though. Too bad I don't have VH1.
Seen the show a couple of times. That dude has really lucked out! he is probably making more $$ now than ever in his life.
All i gotta say about this is.............FLAVA FLAV!!!!!!!!!this show is d bomb.Reunion was not as satisfying as the show is but it was aiite.Wish deelishus had given miss new york 1 F***** up slap though for tlking bout her mom that way with her weavy hair on her irregular shaped head.Delisshus-gotta love that booty!but 1 question though- is it me or is new york's mom wilder than ...never mind. i know it's not me!lol-peace out n remember everybody loves new york january 28th on vh1 pplz!!.....FLAVA FLAV!!!!!1
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