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After waiting all week for Flavor of Love's finale it turns out that VH1 has decided to make us wait one more week. I made sure to get everything out the way so I could tune in at midday only to hear the bad news. As a consolation VH1 treated us to never seen footage of Season 2 and believe me some things are better not revealed.

One of the fathers (deelishus's,I think) asked for a carton of pigeon's milk. Nuff said. I saw Deelishus in a micro mini on audition day and trust me when you have that much cellulite it's an act of bravery. Interestingly, I saw a sneek peak of next week's show and Bootz was announcing she is no longer celibate. Any bets she didn't get married?

Thank God Digicel Rising Stars( East Caribbean Version) begin in earnest tonight. Danielle Veira, one of the Vincy rep's will hit the stage tonight and next week Kyron Baptiste who replaced the deceased Patrice Bascombe will have his turn. Good luck girl and do your best to make it a double for SVG. Speaking of Rising Stars, congrats to One Third for winning the 2006 Jamican version just as I predicted.

ya got tummuch time on ya hands
One Third - dem boys talented yes.
Not a big fan of the show. Funny as hell though. I've got a post up about One Third's win.
I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms now that rising stars is finished. Wanted Nickeisha Barnes to win but is fine. 1/3 good too.

I think there's another local reality show, fashion model something on CVM tv.
Falvor or Love is one crazy ass show. I must admit that i do watch a couple of episodes, and they were funny...and nasty! There are so many young women out there who are willing to do anything for money and fame! And this show proves it. I wonder if I can start my own Stunner of Love!
I'm going to open a clinic: Flavor of Love's Anonymous ... for all you addicts!!!

Stunner, give it a try nuh?
Cho. Flavour Flav trick we!
Flav can do whatever him want, him & dem 2 cloyin' -- 'Stunner of Love' however, now I'd watch that!
Hey Melody, and like how he's been workingout, he'd be a nice little eye candy too. hehe
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