Tuesday, September 19, 2006


What's next

Getting very fed up of the atmosphere on the homefront. Tomorrow,the Minibus drivers will mount another strike in the ongoing saga with respect to increased fares. I wish I knew when it would all end.

Secondly,there was a press release stating that a Talk show host had lost his appeal in the East Caribbean Court.The case centred around allegations that the PM had used public funds for airfares and accomodation for 2 family members who journeyed to Rome.I fear we are fast becoming a nation that is quick to run to the Courts.

While I agree that it was a slanderous and ill advised comment am not sure it was worth going to court for. Seems to me there are far more important issues to deal with than to have the Govt responding to every silly comment made by talk show hosts.I understand as well the need for hosts to be more responsible but at the same time you don't want a nation where people become afraid to speak.Or do we?

I guess it depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on. Public and media wants free speech...politicians and drug dons want media to shut up.
hey I just noticed that you changed your profile photo...
Minibus drivers prob'ly feel they have no choice, while de passengers don't quite have a voice. (Your new pic does look more stylish.)
Fare increase! After the way they run? Some nerve.
That's Queen Nefertiti on my profile.No wise cracks now:)
Hah there is no such thing as free speech! Plus to be honest if a talk show host (i.e. someone who has such broad access to people and dissemination of information) cannot be out there just chatting any ole lie and falsehoods cause peeps in the street will tek it fi true and run with the false info!
No wise cracks now:) *Biting tongue*

You know, Penn & Teller have a tv show called Bullshit. The reason why they call it Bullshit is supposedly because in the US that if you use profanity you can't be sued. So if you call someone incompetent you may be liable but if you call them full of shit, it's ok.

The same rule applies to bloggers who have a picture of a relative of an egyptian pharaoh for their profile picture :P
Thought you looked a little pale there. And you were wearing too much makeup. :D
Well, I think freedom of speech comes with responsiblity especially for someone in the position of a talk show host. He shouldn't be using this platform to spread lies which people are more likely to believe because of his position. So yes, I do think it's important for PM to take a stance in this situation.
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