Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Stingrays under attack

The blog mood has been sombre for the past couple of days and its time to change it.I found this amusing-depending on your perspective .

The Queensland Fisheries Department is investigating the illegal slaughter of stingrays in the south-east of the state.

Ten were found with their tails removed near Hervey Bay and Deception Bay in the past two days.

Conservationist Steve Irwin died last week when a stingray barb pierced his heart, but his close friend John Stainton says killing the marine creatures is senseless.

"It is a criminal offence and I contacted the RSPCA about this this morning when I heard that it was happening and asked them that whatever action they can do to help and I know that they're under way," he said.

"I'm sure that the Marine Department and National Parks and Wildlife will be doing whatever they can to nip it in the bud very quickly."

I knew the stingray had achieved notoriety when it killed the Croc hunter.Never thought though that they would be hunted and killed in revenge.You would think the stingray hatched a plot to kill Steve Irwin and as a consequence its entire family should be eliminated.Stingrays around the world better start hiring PR personnel and fast.

Seriously..yuh would like to think that is grown sensible people living in this world but you really have to question this when you hear the madness that they carry on with.
Ah read that report & found it strange. People takin' sides re Irwin & stingrays, in pretty much de same way some J'cans take sides re Beenie & Bounty. Strange.
"In other news, stingrays replace sharks as the most feared marine animal." How asinine. That goes against everything Steve stood for.
maybe its not that they are being hunted but where once someone would let one get close or pass by without much issue people are afraid of them and just go after them if they are close by with a its either me or you mentality.
Who would do such a silly thing?
I don't think dumb is good enough to describe the people carrying out those killings.
Wow shocking how idiotic some people can be...But Kami here is my thought re the Stingrays someone should investigate to see if a certain young lady going by the name of New York has visited Australia any time in the last week. If she and Flav went swimming and a ray even looked at her sideways I can imagine that they all would be taken it a bad description of my character that I cannot wait for Sunday?
Lol,well CaliJ me and you in the same boat.I figure am beyond help but we allowed some guilty pleasure right?
The idiots who cutiing off their tails and killing them better be careful that they don't get stung themselves!
You know, New York could get a movie deal from all that... if they run her thru some karate lessons and thing, she could play a real bad ass chick in some cop/drug dealer movie. She has what it takes! I'm telling you!
Again I cannot tell you how disappointing some people can be.... I was wondering the same thing Abeni if this has anything to do with Steve Irwin's death!

This is a real tragedy!

Steve must rolling in his grave. Or should I say will roll in his grave, he isn't buried as yet,is he?

Noticed that you changed your song and was about to ask how you put a song on your blog. Then remember that if I'm too lazy to even update my links with the people whose blogs I comment on, then I'm definitely going to be too lazy to even figure it out.
Stingrays around the world better start "hiring PR personnel and fast"

haha very funny :)
take care
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