Saturday, September 16, 2006


Sex workers and CWC 07

If the news release is to be believed then 60,000 sex workers could converge on the Caribbean shores for CWC 07.This figure has been offered up based on the enquiries Charles Lewis,owner of a world wide booking and recruitment service located in Barbados has received.

Acting on the enquires,Mr Lewis has submitted proposals to several regional Ministers of Health seeking licenses for the sex workers over the duration of the tournament.Interesting,very interesting indeed and asking a lot of moral questions.

I can safely say that no Caribbean Govt is going to be granting licences to any sex workers.Truth is I don't even think granting licences is necessarily a bad thing. Why,you ask? Well,the way I see it the sex trade is here to stay and licenced sex workers as opposed to street walkers would be in a better position to insist on condom use in today's HIV world.

But,prostitution which most of us equate with sex workers is not legal here so it would be very difficult for Caribbean governments to turn around and begin issuing licences.I wonder if they have done the mental calculations and are ruing the monies they could have collected if only there were some way of getting away with it.

Meantime,licence or no licence am sure sex workers will show up and hope the authorities look the other way.After all,with the traffic during CWC the money making possibilities should be endless.Like it or not the issue is on the table and sooner or later the region would have to deal with it.

Dear Pastess (DP) had a show a few nights ago about helpin' prostitutes. De consensus seemed 2 have been that de church should lead dem away from their trade. Licensing dem isn't exactly "leadin' dem away" from their trade. Then again, de prostitutes who called DP told him they make up to US$500 nightly -- nuff taxable income that coulda been.
In other words, since (if legal) it woulda represent nuff taxable income (i.e. nuff gov't revenue), de gov't might really want de trade brought into de formal economy -- we can C which direction it's goin': de euphimism's already in full effect. ('CSW' replaces prostitute, hooker, etc.)
during the world cup in germany the brothels reported that business was alot slower than anticipated because the men preferred to go out drinking rather than go to the brothels.

perhaps cwc will be no different.

there was no way caribbean govs were going to issue such licenses!

nice blog, BTW.
yea that is a dream cause that licensing thing aint happening in the caribbean.
Oh yeah? Nice. Where are they? Where do I go? Oh, is not till next year, nuh?
I think there are enough sex workers here in Jamaica, especially at the tourist locations. I doubt there is room for more. It would be interesting though, to see the local and the foreign ones battling for territory, preferably in oil or mud :)

But I doubt the Caribbean govs. will legalize prostitutions. Although, the Jamaican govs might just explore that option if yhey can find a way to collect tax from them. lol
The govs cannot license it the churches would crucify them so fast. Any party in power that did it could kiss winning an election again for a generation!

Kami as usual u have too serious a topic for me to do the FOL here so it is on my blog again, sorry that I disagreed with you re this week :)
They're not gonna grant them licences, because then they are going to ask, "why don't you legalize it then?"
They can roll on through and just market themselves as Escorts and masseuses. Every day in the classified section of the newspapers in Jamaica there are tonnes of those advertisments.
I agree with Stunner... Nuff fighting a go take place if any foreign girls think they are going to land and try to take away any Yardie girls mark! Dem mad or wah?!
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