Friday, September 29, 2006


Marathon Walkers

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingLast year Earl "Ole George" Daniel and Joel Butcher set out to walk for 6 days without sleeping.Upon completion of the feat they had their hearts broken when the Guinness Book of records failed to give them recognition.Undaunted the duo decided to up the ante by walking for seven days without sleep.Originally,the seven day walk was to take place in North America but climatic conditions caused the shift to Kingston,Jamaica.

The Jamaican walk began on Tuesday,Sept 19 at 5.37 pm and finished a week later on September 26th at 5.37pm. Unfortunately, Joel Butcher had to drop out of the walk after suffering a sprained ankle. In all honesty I wasn't feeling the vibe this time around but I acknowledge the tremendous willpower behind such an undertaking.

Surely,it is the ultimate in monotony to walk around Emancipation Park for seven whole days.There must have been times when there was an overwhelming urge to just give up and retire to the nearby hotel. However,despite all the discomforts the goal was realised.

I have a friend who constantly reminds me that the human spirit is capable of achieving great things once we do not limit ourselves. I believe that is a creed by which the marathon walkers live by and one we can emulate.

I don't know if the feat will be recognised by Guinness this time.I do know that these guys are winners with or without the formal recognition.

While I'm in agreement that they're winners even without de formal recognition, it would still B quite gratifyin' if Guiness credited them. Just de principle o' de matter still. (They coulda made their walk more scenic -- it mighta been easier that way.)
Actually, I would definitely have made the walk more scenic. I saw something about it in the Ja. Gleaner, thought it was a Jamaican who was doing it...
Fascinating...props to their will power.
They truly are winners, and yes, they could have made the walk far more scenic.
Mi neva know bout dat! Else mi would out deh wid mi camera!

I have tried running around a field and it's pretty boring, the monotony makes it so much harder to go on!

I hope the get in the Guinness book, but it's not easy for them to get in, they aren't Americans.
Stunner, I was wondering if none of the Jcan bloggers heard of it.
I think I might have someone mention it by the way. I don't think a lot of people knew about it.
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