Thursday, September 28, 2006


Love Thursday

A young girl and her beloved grandmother sharing a moment.It wasn't necessary for her to say "I love you" since her every action spoke of love.Whether it was preparing a favorite meal to ensure you ate or being a buffer between a mother who had way too quick hands she was always there to provide comfort.Here's to you Miss Rosa,you are sorely missed.

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Ok Kami you caught me and on Love Thursday of all days...I love NY the way she holds it between her fingers after "Chunking it" makes just want to grab a glass of freshly made wine stand on a patio in see through clothing and start a shoving match, just to show my infatuation :)
Bwoy Kami, that was you, wasn't it? You did look cute, eeeh?!
You're adorable! I can so see the resemblance. What a cutie :)
oh the smile on your face is priceless. wonderful tribute to your grandmother.
MB,You saying I not cute now? Am so crushed:)
That is just beautiful Check out my blog.
Don't worry bout the bull. He only like cows. En dem womon who be cussin in his workplace.
Kami, this pic is just precious. Oh, it does remind me o' me & my Gramm. Ah luv de sweet childhood innocence & pure joy in that pic.
Am definitely not saying that you arent cute now! Of course, I know that you are joking becuz I already told you how you hot already.
Hey Kami, cute picture. One of my teachers told me that only two things are cute, monkeys and babies. You certainly aren't a monkey and you aren't a baby anymore so cute doesn't apply. Let's change the adjective to something more appropriate... MB says "hot"..........
My goodness Kami, you were made of about 90% arms and hair :)
Still am Chris:)Btw,my Jamaican pics are not so good since my cousin resized them too small.I may post a few still
Hi little Kami! I can see that the basic face hasn't changed, if anything, the flower has blossomed!
Likkle Kami and her Grandma, nice pic.
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