Monday, September 11, 2006


Losing our young

I've been thinking about how many young people we've lost in the last 17 or so months to vehicular accidents.It's such a waste of precious lives to what I consider as avoidable circumstances.Last week,I was also saddened and angered by the news that an 18 yr old student had chosen to end his life.

When someone can put a gun to his head and pull the trigger you know that the society has failed him. Surely,someone must have seen the warning signs.Yet,parents,teachers,friends and others all claim to have absolutely no idea as to what could have been the root cause.

Teen years are a particularly trying time.Back then we saw things in black and white and every little problem was magnified. Of course we never saw the light at the end of the particular tunnel we were going through. Most of all we never believed others had experienced the same and come out winners. No doubt today's teens would have similar stories. Left to fester it gets to a point where hope is lost and suicide begins to look very attractive.

From what I read in the papers this young man's self esteem was probably at a low since he was not doing well academically.Sometimes,I am disgusted by our education system which at times seems all too willing to discard children. We speak of children being "thrown out"-(reminiscent of garbage) from school for not passing exams and we stigmatise technical vocation schools.So,the child who can't make it in academics ends up feeling unworthy.

We have to find a way to help our youngsters.One suggestion I heard was for more counsellors to be placed in schools.Too many cries for help fall on deaf ears.Adults have to learn to listen too and not just pass off the concerns as trivial.Maybe,if we practice being our brother's keeper then we won't be as bewildered when our children end their lives.

So true Kami. I remember the trauma the Short One went through when she announced that she wanted to do Interior Decorating as her career choice. She spoke about how the other kids looked at her and the general talk. It took quite a bit of convincing for her to see that her choice was the right choice for her.
It helps if they feel they have someone 2 talk 2 who luvs them -- just like Da Short One has Scratchie. Without that support system, U're right -- they feel hopeless.
Kami - too serious a topic again for me to do the F.O.L. comment here so I just created a post basically for you! Blessings!
Yeah, I agree with you totally. Adolesence can be one of the most trying times in one's life. Some just can't handle it.
but counselling only helps if the person is willing to be conselled. sometimes the person may not want to talk to anyone. we as a society just have to get our youth to feel more comfortable
(Jdid, your blog seems 2 B malfunctionin'.)
The teen years are very challenging, especially these days, and without proper guidance the road may seem hopeless.
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True words Kami.

Re suicide...most people who do it, usually give warning sings or mention that they plan to do it. Often times it is brushed off as jest by those around them and ignored. I have always said that I hope that I never get to the point in my life where I feel that ending it prematurely is better than what I'm experiencing.
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