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Last night I dreamt I got married.If dream interpretations are to be believed then it means someone I know is going to die.I hope not since lately I've being saying too many goodbyes and I don't want to die just yet.Conversely, dreaming of death means a wedding will take place.Not too strange since more than a few persons associate marriage as fate comparable with death.

It's kinda fascinating the way older folks interpret dreams although I find many seem to be concerned with dying.One night I dreamt was following a woman through a valley and at the end of the trek was a wide flowing river which we had to cross. At this point I became apprehensive and refused to cross despite the coaxing of the strange woman.Next morning I recounted the dream to my grandmother only to be told I would have died in my sleep had I crossed.

Muddy water is supposed to mean death as well.Then it is said that if you dream you are digging land a friend or family member will soon be going to meet his/her maker.It doesn't end there because I've also heard if you dream a tooth is falling out that death will make its presence felt.

If you dream of nakedness you would think some pleasant sexual encounter is on the horizon,right? Wrong,they say it's a warning of impending shame and disgrace. Being chased by an animal? Look out for confusion with the neigbours.

On to pleasant things i.e depending on your perspective.If you dream of fish it means someone close is pregnant.But,if you are actually eating fish then you better start shopping for baby clothes.I don't know if this is a dream interpretation or one of our superstitions.However,I remember hearing if a cock crows on your doorstep it means a relative you haven't seen in a long time will pay a visit.

I've never proved any of these things and I don't even know their origins.Some interpretations I find very amusing and some chilling.But for the most part I take them with a grain of salt much to the chagrin of some friends.

The one about dreaming of fish was well kown in Jamaican circles, and always seemed quite accurate also. Strange eh!
Hehe :) I like how marriage in dreams means death. I think marriage means the same thing in real life too ;)

Wouldn't the person you're marrying in the dream be kind of an important part of the interpretation?
I've always heard that dreamin' about fish means someone's pregnant, but B4 today never heard dreamin' that U're eatin' fish means U're pregnant. Interestin'.
the fish one is very prevalent in the south, as well. also that whole things come in three's thing. who know's?

but on another note Ms. Abeni, i have finally took up your "60 word story" idea. check me out.
I'm happy to see that I am not the only one with strange dreams.

I'll ask you what somebody asked me....

"do you dream in colour or black and white?"
I don't really take dreams as visions of the future. I see them more as the subconscious trying to tell you something.
I don't think we can interpret dreams, sometimes I feel they are reflections of things we may be thinking of deep in the recesses of our minds......

Keep on dreaming Kami.
Saw F.O.L. in too much shock to blog it - now that I have seen it, hit me back up on my blog and tell me what you thought cause honestly right now all that I am thinking is "BUCKWILD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
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