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The Best Of Marley

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Yesterday,after listening to some Marley -(on what else but my new love the Ipod) a friend and I had a discussion on what would make our Marley top 5.Pretty tough ask,right? Anyway,at the risk of being blasphemous neither of us cared much for Redemption Song or One Love. We both agreed that "ride natty ride" and "so much trouble in the world" would top our list.We parted ways on "crazy baldheads" and couldn't decide if "exodus" which we both liked would make the cut.

I decided on the following 5 as my favorites:

Ride natty Ride


So much Trouble

Crazy baldheads


Just outside of the five would be:Is this love,Exodus and Africa Unite.Your job now is to list your top 5.Let the fun begin.

not really the biggest marley fan but besides redemption song the songs i go for are for the most part the non traditional top songs.
so my top 5 would be in no particular order
redemption song
pimpers paradise
who the cap fit
bad card
them belly full
Good list. A lot of my favourites are on there.
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Well now...Marley isn't really in my music collection. Think I have one album. (Sounds weird coming from a Jamaican ...right?) I can tell you that I know most of those already listed but to call them favourites is another matter all together :D
Kami, U didn't rank your 5 faves, or R they listed by preference? OK, I'm so nuts about Marley's music, it's hard 2 choose just 5, but here goes:
1)Natty Dread, 2)Rebel Music, 3)Caya, 4)Comin' in from the Cold, and 5)Smile Jamaica.
Small Axe, Belly Full, etc. hard 2 leave out, but had 2 find a way 2 narrow it down. This post was fun.
My top 5 are:

Three Little Birds
Small Axe
Coming In From The Cold
Nuh Woman Nuh Cry
Who The Cap Fit

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob), the greatest reggae legend.
redemption song
is this love
waiting in vain
satisfy my soul
so much trouble
W/o fear I say this: IF YOU DO NOT LOVE Redemption song then you do not know your history as well as you should: that song speaks to me everytime I listen to it "Pirates yes they rob I...merchant ship" true words automatically my number 1.

In no particular order the others are
-Exodus (cause of the movement of Jah peoples)
-No Woman nuh cry
-3 little birds
-Waiting in vain

(a bonus since it is so modified: the ATB mix of 'Sun is shining' if you have not heard it yet check it out and then let me know what you think - it always gets my feet tapping.

An aside: Abeni NY is not mad cause they have her man NY is mad because she is CRAZY
Aarond,it gets worse cos I wasn't a Crash fan either. I need more help,right:)

Never heard The ATB mix but I'll check it out.
This is hard!

Natural Mystic
Three little Birds
No Woman Nuh Cry
Redemption Song
Pimper's Paradise
My top 5 songs are:
1. Natural Mystic
2. Wi Jammin (if a suh it name)
3. Three Little Birds
4. No woman nuh cry
5. Redemption song.
Good vibes, I would have to add One Love to that top 5 and Redemption Song.
Good post Abeni. As long as three little birds is in the top 5, I'm fine.
Redemption Song
Three Little Birds
Waiting in Vain
Is this Love
No Woman No Cry
I believe the help is coming. tell me what you think after you hear the ATB mix!
My classification Marley & Wailers Top 5:
Trench Town Rock,
No Woman No Cry,
Lively Up Your Self and
Oh yes Belly Full But They Hungry...that can replace Lively Up Your Self....good stuff Jdid
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