Thursday, August 10, 2006


Travel woes

One thing I have learnt from my recent trip is a new appreciation for luggage that shows up on time.You board an aircraft and you expect your luggage to follow,right? Well,it doesn't always work like that as I found out to my disgust.

It didn't help that we had to transfer from Bridgetown and the LIAT flight out of St Vincent was about 30 mins late.With one piece of luggage recovered we headed to BWEE's counter only to hear the flight was already closed.However,an agent was kind enough to relax the ruling and allow us to board.

We get to Jamaica and as expected(sorta) the one piece that we checked in at Bwee's counter was missing.We then had to go through the process of filling out missing luggage forms etc.From then it was a story of daily trips to the airport until Thursday when the second piece was finally recovered.

My beef though centred around the attitude that was given firstly by the LIAT officials in Bdos.Without taking any responsibility for a flight that was late they immediately focused on what they called an illegal connection.

Of course,nobody pointed out to us that 2 hrs were needed between flights when the tickets were being bought.But,I suppose anything would do to shift responsibility.Then,they wanted faxed permission to allow a relative to act on our behalf as if vacationers are expected to have fax machines at their disposal.

Am guessing my relative pulled rank because Wednesday morning LIAT called to inform us that the luggage was arriving on Air J's evening flight.Thursday morning was another set of frustration being pushed from one counter to the next.BWEE,went into another tale about having problems with Caribbean star and LIAt's luggage as if it mattered at that moment.

Finally,they realised that the responsibilty was theirs to collect the bag from AirJ and deliver to the passenger.Next time,I travel my luggage will be stored in the overhead compartment.

Travelling can be a headache sometimes. I'm not looking forward to returning to the U.S. at the moment because as of today with the big terror scare, almost everything, including gel in the hand luggage, is a no no. What a botheration I'll be boarding.
That has been BWee and Liat for as long as I have been travelling on them almost 3 times a year. I had a similar experience coming from Tortola. I was looking for the post but apparently I didn't write about it. I should do that and also talk about the ordeal my mother went through just 2 weeks ago! The airlines are getting worse and worse.
Ah the joys of flying Leave Island Any Time
Typical behaviour of so many companies, they try to put you at fault to take the pressure off themselves when they know they are wrong.

I've heard a lot of terrible accounts about BWIA and a few about Liat. If I ever dare to travel on any of these airlines I will be doing the same thing, carry my stuff in the overhead compartment!
I heard that Liat is ALWAYS late. I travelled on it once, going to Tortola and it was late then too. I really haven't had any bad experience with BeeWee, travelled on it a couple times going to Trinidad and Barbados.
I heard about those connections from my travel agent last time I travelled. Didn't make a bit of difference. I had 5 hours between flights and was still late. Only good thing was that when we asked about how we would be accomodated the fight attendants told us not to worry since the flight crew for the plane we were to catch was sitting right behind me. Only in the Caribbean....
Have never flown on any of those.
Bwoy, you may not be able to carry on anything soon. The way the terrorists are going on, we will soon have to fly naked, and even then we will all be subjected to body cavity searches.
Well as of two days ago UK, terrorists (so they say) and USA has put that to rest. No big carry on luggage. Well is regional airlines but I suspect they will impose the international rules soon.
I'm traveling to the U.S. tomorrow. All I'm bringing in my "carry-on" is my passport, some cash, and a novel. Everything else is going into my other luggage... so I really hope it doesn't get lost. Seriously, I'll cry if it does.
That is BWIA and LIAT for you Kami! No wonder names like Better Walk If Able, But Will It Arrive, Left In Airport Terminal, Leave Island Any Time exist.

I'm not saying that Air Ja. is by any means perfect, but they have never left my luggage.

And yes, pretty soon as MB suggests, we may well have to travel nekkid! Might turn out to be very interesting as I wonder where us men are going to be told to put our 'guns'? ;-)
I have my Air J story: Recently I came home-landed in Kgn; had a good flight- went to get my luggage- waiting patiently-looking at pieces of luggage going around and around- cyann see mine yet- 10 min lata- the Air J- is telling us that they left our luggage in Ft. Laud. About 80% of us- our luggage was left. It's not a nice feeling at all- to be without clothes etc., - and now with the restrictions- I may have to post my luggage to make sure it arrives. The joys of travelling!
I had a similar problem Christmas day of all days ! I'd flown to North Carolina to see my fiance & her kids and my suitcase was FULL of presents ... I'd squished all my clothes into my hand luggage (well I am a male lol)It was so annoying not being able to give the kids their presents on Christmas day.
All I got was an apology and a $50 voucher for essentials ... so Boxing day ( 26th) I bought jeans, socks 2 pair pants a t-shirt and running shoes all for $48 , I know how to shop ha!
If you have time please visit my site and leave a flag ( I have 136 so far) you'll see what I mean when you see the neo-counter on the right , thankyou ... cool blog btw :)
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