Thursday, August 31, 2006


President Bush's iPod:

The Complete Playlist

Got this in my inbox and thought I'd share.Speaking of Ipods I had some heart stopping moments this morning when I couldn't find mine.In a few short weeks we have become inseparable so you can imagine the relief when I found it.Now,the love affair can continue.

Funny...I can't wait until his reign of terror is over!
...does know how to insert the earpiece...
LOL!! That playlist is funny, but believable! I guess his advisors would help him out with that Melody, lol!
haha! good
OMG!!! Dubya sure does take a hard knock most times. LOL!! Horrible playlist!! Speaking of Ipods, should start a romance with mine pretty soon.............
Wow. They got his list down pat!
"What A Fool Believes" is a GREAT song...Michael McDonald is KING.

I'm happy you found the pod... I've had mine for a year and the other day he didn't turn on. I almost CRIED. Bawled like a pickney.

but then God blessed it and now it works again. Ha.

Funny that Heather Headley is saluting Black men when she married a white dude!
Trust me Soli am a cry baby so no doubt I would be bawling my eyes out if it was really lost.
Hey! Can you tell me how you pronounce your name??
He should include the song that goes "Ring ding ding ding di di ding ding ding ding...ding dooong" on his list.
Loria,it's pronounced Ah-bey-nee
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