Thursday, August 17, 2006


Let there be light

That's the cry from disgruntled Vincentians over the ongoing power cuts.The last couple days have seen power outages lasting up to ten hours at a stretch.Initially,persons thought the problem was specific to their area only to realise that it was island wide.As it stands there are different down times for specific areas with some seemingly on the night shift.

So far I have been on the receiving end of both shifts and not liking it one bit.The most annoying thing though is having to speak to a machine when making reports of the power cuts.No,you do not wish to have your problem dealt with electronically.You'd much prefer getting an explanation from a person rather than the standard response of the recording.

Then,finally on the 7 o clock news I hear a release from VINLEC saying that the planned outages will continue for 10 more days.10 whole more days because there is some problem with a generator which they are working feverishly to correct.Sure,they are!

I am wondering if during routine maintenances they never picked up the problem before it got to be this bad.I guess I'll never know but meantime we all are suffering the inconveniences and I doubt very much there will be any difference in the bills this end of month.Meantime,I hope my electricity loss remains on the day shift since a girl just has to get her fix of television.

On another note break out the champagne and blow the horns.There is a girl named Abeni who's one year older and hopefully wiser today.She's accepting all gifts-virtual or otherwise so don't be shy now.

PS.I metyamfootyesterday so one by one am meeting all the bloggers.

Happy Birthday 2 U! Happy Birthday 2 U! Happy Birthday, Dear, Kami! Happy Birthday 2 U! So, U got an early Bday gift from Yammie--very cool. (My gift 2 U: Here's a verse, sung to de tune of 'Dutty Wine': Kami, treat yu-self & wine & dine! Enjoy yourself, my girl yu look fine! Noh worry 'bout de power-cut a day-time! etc.:) All de best!
Happy Birthday Kami...hope you had a great day. No singing from my end. Just best wishes.
Forgot to wish you a happy birthday
Thankyou for the flag :)
Happy Birthday! :)

Do stop by.
Happy Birthday Abeni, or Kami, or whatever u want us to call you :)
Happy Birthday, congrats on moving one step closer to being wiser :)

Lively at the link up? Hmm wonder what that means!
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Missy...

I am so glad to know that on the day I deciced to check in it's on your special day....

As it turns out today is also my niece and cousin's birthday as well. My niece is 10 and my cousin is 8.

It seems a lot of great people were born on this wonderful day....well not all, because my B'day is in April! *smile*

I hope you the power outage did not put a damper on your special day....


Seems I'm a bit late, but Happy belated Birthday.

I hope they get the darkness sorted out like yesterday!
happy belated. wow you have met a tonne of bloggers recently
Funny. There was a powercut at my university today. Happy birthday sweetness!
Well, I hope your birthday was happy & that you had a wonderful celebration!
another birthday wish from me.

And I know what you meanabout talking to a machine. I called Vinlec myself the night the local station announced there would be no evening news. Was wondering if there was going to b e apower cut, but couldnt find out the answer.

Fortunately it didn't go off where i was in Kingstown. Lovely town that. Better the second time around. Tks for stopping by.
Wow, I missed your birthday! Is because I been busy at werk and partyin' in de nite but anyway, happy happy belated birthday, Kami!
It mus' be something going around, just the other day, Jamdown had a long island-wide block out, got the same "working feverishly to correct situation...." response too.

A Belated Happy Birthday to you, Abeni, hope yu had nuff of everything nice dat day.

Hey Melody, dem lyrics de nuh sound too bad still so if yu considering anodder career....
Abeni, Abeni, Abeni, this is a bit late but Happy Happy Birthday to you, "the Girl Prayed For". This my thought for you for your next year of life:

"In the Confrontation between the Stream and The Rock, The streal always wins - not through strength but Persistence".
(Gela, mind yu encourage mi fi goh get boo at Apollo Showtime--if that show still exists:)
Kami, that's a heck ov a quote CD just gave U! So naturally true!
Very timely quote indeed from CD.

Thanks for all the wishes
I seem to be the latest so far! Hope you enjoyed your special day!
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