Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The joys of teaching

Teaching can be frustrating,stressful and at times may seem unrewarding.It's even worse when the school is looked down upon, by the society, as a 'no good','waste of time'institution. However,occasionally you experience some moments that make it so worthwhile that you forget all about the negatives.

One of those moments is the joy of seeing a student from a disadvantaged background excel.When Omar Brown joined the school it was apparent that he was an intelligent young man.It was also quite obvious that he needed financial help if he was to remain in school.

A willing alumni stepped into the breach and provided the funds that were needed to keep him in school.Graduation Day and his boy-proving that the efforts were not wasted was the Student of the Year.A couple months later and this time the prize was being the school's top performer at CXC.

Congratulations from an unbelievably happy teacher who is proud to have been part of the team.Keep striving for the best.

thats great! now you gt to produce more high achievers like him
Very cool story about the student but why is your school looked down upon?
Needed: more teachers who care like U do. Does he know U've mentioned him on de Web?
Congrats to Mr. Brown and yourself. Shows that a little determination can go a long way.
Well done. Sometimes all it takes is for somebody to take an interest.
Congratulations Omar Brown and team. The thrill of victory and achievement is celebrated by all who enjoy reading this blog!!!
I'm tired, so bear with me if I've misunderstood...

You're a teacher? I never knew that! That's so cool. What grade do you teach? I can totally see how you'd be amazing at teaching. Unlike me, who'd suck.
Congratulations to him.
Congrats to Brown. There are many promising minds that just need an opportunity - I'm glad this one got one.
Grace,grades 11,10 and 7.

Chris,it's looked down upon because it is not one of the top schools here.Additionally,the building is a dump and the school gets a lot of bad press due to some well publicised violent incidents.

Not yet Melody but soon
Congratulations are certainly in order.
My mother was a teacher and while I was growing up I swore that it's one profession I'd never enter because I didn't think I could live on the salary. But you know what, I've discovered that it's one of the most fulfilling jobs ever and I now want to teach part-time.
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