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Goodbye Marion?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingLast night I heard that Marion Jones had reportedly tested positive for banned substances.I couldn't even find the energy to be stunned but accepted it with a weary resignation.After all the sports world recently had a bombshell dropped on it with the news of Gatlin and Landis positive tests.Call me naive but Gatlin's test stunned me probably because I wanted to believe this was a new dawn in athletics after all the scandals.

Nevertheless,I have always loved Marion Jones from the time she burst on the scene.With her big bright smile she lit up the circuit and her running was fantastic too.Presence,the girl had it and with enough to spare.I watched the 2000 Olympics and hoped she would win the five gold medals that she was after.She didn't get the five golds but walked away with 5 medals to crown a brilliant year.

Since then she has been plagued with accusations of being on drugs-a charge which she stoutly denied.Fast forward to 2004 where she left the field in tears after a botched hand over in the relays.Now,it seems to be the end of the road if the second sample also tests positive.

I can't even bring myself to be condemnatory-not that I think drugging up is the way to go.It's more like understanding that with so much at stake why athletes will be willing to risk it all for the extra edge.Sad,but the reality of life for too many of these top athletes.

Unfortunately,for me at least I cannot watch Track now without being cynical.In the back of mind is a little voice forever wondering if that was a brilliant race or drug assisted.Who's next-Jeremy Wariner,Tonique Williams,Allyson Felix,Sanya Richards,Asafa Powell etc etc? I'd hope they are all clean but news of a positive test will be met with a shrug at best.

I can't believe it....

Say it ain't so! Marion Jones I thought was one of those athletes that came along and broke the mold.

I don't know what would have made her do what she did, but may God bless her.

((shaking head)) Sad.

Marion is pretty & perhaps more persuasive in people's perception: her features/demeanor always hint at a very strong character. She prob'ly has a character human enough to err, but strong enough to rise above this & contribute in some related sphere-IMHO, she's certainly a natural expert in her field.
I'm not surprised at all, I'm never surprised when an American athlete tests positive. I think a lot of the top American athletes are on drugs.

But I guess they feel presured to do it basd on all the money they can make and celeb-status they can have by being at the top.

Anyway, Asafa all the way!!!
I hate that I wasn't surprised either. It makes you wonder just which athletes have not taken any of these drugs. I hope it is still the majority.

I just found your blog and really like it. Great song and video too! How do you do that?
i think alot of guys and gals are juicing and I dont just mean the americans i feel certain past and present caribbean people are too.

marion was rumoured from long time. you always wondered cause her former husband cj hunter was caught using and said she used then she ended up being tim montgomery's baby momma and he was banned for using. i mean yea could all be coincidence and choosing the wrong man but you could also say guilty by asociation.
oh any chance marion gets ben johnson'ed now that she's got a positive sample? after all her parents are from belieze
Seems that the most logical recourse is to take a "run what you brung" approach. Forget about testing and may the best steroid junkie win.
No surprises here, The cloud was over her from when her ex-husband Tim Montgomery( hope I got the right fella) tested positive. Can't be a husband and wife super team and not knowing what the other is doing or not sharing... But she should haven know better. But such is the American atheletics amongst others. All we have to hope is that the new breed of atheletes are clean and stay that way. Nuh wonda why Oba ein doing too good, he too clean
This comes as sad news for real. Looking at the larger picture though, perhaps the number of athletes being caught is a reflection that the drug testing process is working.

Running is a big deal to us Caribbean peeps but the truth is it barely registers a bleep on the international radar.

Many sport pundits sweep sports such as running and say cycling under the classification of being a mechanical sport with a low skill requirement. Of course, there are drugs also in sports that require more than just physical priming.

I don't think we can turn a blind eye to drug use as athletes must embrace their roles as role models.
I am sick of the whole bunch of them. Too wutliss
I am still not understanding why they let pros compete in the Olympics.
Yeah, Marion was awesome. But rules are rules. Bye Ms. Jones.
No, no, not Asafa, he's clean, clean as a whistle, come on Jamaicans say it with me "Asafa is clean, Asafa is clean."

Hphm, he'd better be! I'd personally meet him at the airport and clap him one, topside his head!
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