Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Good to be home

Am back home after 2 weeks in Jamaica.Got as far as Ocho Rios after partying the night before at the Quad.Folks,Marc atoned by taking me to the nightclub and giving me his undivided attention.I was in love with the Quad but I noticed that the party goers on our floor seemed to be more enamored with the hip hop than the dancehall.I was pleasantly surprised to hear Kevin Lyttle and the nookie man JamesyP getting some airplay.

Am a notoriously poor traveller so by the time I got to Ochi my stomach was quite queasy.First stop was Dolphin Cove where I would have loved to gone swimming with the dolphins.After the dolphin observation it was off to the jungle trail where I got up close and personal with a snake,a metallic looking iguana and some parrots.

Then,it was fall climbing time and I am pleased to say I climbed without any problems at all.Yes sirree,I conquered Dunns River and I got the pictures to prove.Now,Stunner what were you saying again about slippery rocks?

Came back home sick like the proverbial dog and wondering if I could even contemplate Sunsplash.Much as I would have loved to have gone good sense prevailed in the end and I stayed put in Kingston.I think the tour of the Marley Museum was definitely a standout.How I wish I could have taken pics of the inside.

Anyway,am back here trying to readjust to a life where no one spoils me or wait on me hand and foot.Yeah,I know y'all very sorry for me but life goes on;).

On another note I think I saw a trini blogger Karen on the flight from Ja.She is yet to confirm if I was right

Are you a Methodist?
Hey Kami, it was nice seeing you in Jamaica. Glad I made things up after that rocky intro.
I'm ahppy to know you enjoyed yourself in Jamaica. Sorry I did't get to call you, I have been so busy. Some of my family came down and I was all over the place with them and had to alance work too. Nuh worry, I will email you though.

Good to know you climbed incident free, lucky you!
I am glad to learn that you enjoyed some of our country's good spots.

Dunn's River I haven't been to in years. Next time you must try Negril...I can see you fitting in well on the nude beach! ;-) I'm sure Shotta M would love to escort you! If he says no, then I'll consider. :-)

Good to learn that you arrived back home safely.
I drive to Negril and motion sickness will kill me for sure.Or I might have gone with the Shotta this trip:)
Abeni, you need to take some motion sickness pills. That, or take the trip in stages.
Glad you enjoyed the trip.
I guess I am a Methodist too but I didn't go for the Youth Convention
Did you come to my country and not go to my favourite place Negril? Shame on you!! Anyway, I'm glad you had fun
Hey, Abeni --

I don't THINK you saw me -- unless it was at the airport in Trinidad? You definitely didn't see me on the flight, since I haven't flown anywhere from Jamaica since 2003 (which is most unfortunate, because the last time I was in Ocho Rios, I had a whale of a time), and, sadly, I've never been to St. Vincent...

Maybe we'll run into each other somewhere else...?...

... "see" you soon!
sounds like you had fun.
Waiting to see those pics. Enjoy your summer.
Welcome back! Be sure to post a few pictures for us!
Glad to know you enjoyed yourself on our wonderful island home Jamaica! I'm sorry we didn't get to meet also. I should be in St. Vincent next year so we'll definitely have to hook up then.

Come back soon!
Glad you had fun. I love Jamaica!
I loved the quad too, Abeni- I went there recently for the first time- I really enjoyed it- Loved the DJs- no one, in my opinion, can do as well as the JA DJs- the clubs here (US) - they play the songs as they do on the radio. That's not fun for me.
I'm thinking of visiting one of the other caribbean/West Indian island - and St. Vincent is definitely on the list- :)
Wow. You had a hell of a time! Come back soon, y'hear!
Haven't been to Dunn's River in almost 10 years. Glad to know you had some fun.
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