Monday, August 21, 2006


Digicel Rising Stars Part 2

Last year Kiokya Cruickshank of SVG walked away with the top price after competing against hopefuls from Barbados,St Lucia and Grenada.This year's edition-with an increased purse will consist of seven OECS countries and Barbados.

Last night I looked at the local auditions and couldn't decide which was funnier-the judges caustic comments or some of the below par performances. Eventually,the judges chose ten persons from which will come 2 finalists who will then move on to the regional/subregional competition.

All that has whetted my appetite for the real competition.It's loads of fun critiquing the performers and the added nationalistic aspect all adds to the excitement.Can SVG do the double is the question on most lips? I also noticed a lot of the finalists sang gospel probably influenced by Kiokya's success. Time will tell whether SVG can repeat but right now none of the finalists has really captured my imagination like say Jamaica's One Third or Kiokya and Kellis from last competition.

Maybe I'll sit out this voting round until the real games begin.Or,I'll make Digi happy by voting for a few of them.One certainty is Sunday nights will be a lot more interesting with Flavor of Love and now Rising Stars.

I heard some of the Rising Stars stuff from Jamaica and if the OECS stuff is similar it should be good!

Now on to F.O.L. that girl was a joke (i.e. Hong Kong) and very selfish, because of her Tiger got the boot when she actually seemed like she cared to stay, but instead took the boot...I love that Flav looked like he realized he made a mistake and poured out a little something extra for Tiger
Flava Flav!! All these dating shows out there - I guess I'll peep this one.
so what happened to last years winner kiokya? she mek any records or anything so?
Rising Stars is in St. Vincent? Well, makes sense. If their coverage is Caribbean-wide, why not their shows?
Jdid,there were some issues but I read recently that she did a gospel single.Am yet to hear it though
Digicel rising Stars is well on it's way here. The auditions are ver and they are now eliminating the finalists. Well after the success they had here in Jamaica, no wonder they would want to have the same success in St. Vincent. Oh all the money they be making with those text-in votes!
I didn't know Rising Stars was regional. The competition is almost over in Jamaica now and it is hot. A lot of great talent entered this year. I had planned to enter but life took a different turn for me and I decided not to.

Look out for CD next year!!
Way to go CD

I enjoyed JA Rising stars.One third is my favorite
Oh, I see where Digicel is going with this. They're going to have rising stars in all the islands that they operate in, and later there will be a caribbean rising stars finals. Something like World Idol.

I look forward to Sunday nights now as well.
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