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The dark side of the Internet

There is an email making the rounds depicting a young, supposedly Vincentian woman in various states of undress as well as engaged in some sexual acts.In the pictures that show penetrative sex there are no visible faces but the presence of consecutive pics showing the young lady fully and partially dressed suggests they are one and the same.I see a possible line of defence but she will have a helluva time convincing others.

Having seen the pictures I cannot say I know her neither does any of my friends who were recipients of said mail.I must admit to breathing a sigh of relief that it is not a friend or anyone I know in passing.I don't know how I would face a friend or relative who was unfortunate enough to have something so private plastered all over the Net.

Maybe,my old fashioned self is kicking in again but I can't see the rationale for taking pics like that.And if you were adventurous enough to do so won't common sense dictate that you be the sole possessor? How many times must young women be made aware that there are unsavory pictures of them in circulation before they wise up? The word on this latest episode is that the young lady's boyfriend/sex partner was the one who unknown to her decided to make them public.No doubt he will think he acted with good reason.

I know this is an increasingly open world in which we live.However,I still think there are some things that are sacred or highly personal.I swear I would die of shame if something like that were to happen to me.The thought that parents,family members,friends and enemies could be privy to such intimate acts makes me cringe.It's just so wrong.Sure,parents know their children grow up,get sexually involved and sometimes give them grandchildren.Do they wish to see their children engaged in sex acts? Hell no,they don't.

I feel so embarrased for this girl that I have already deleted the mail much to the annoyance of a friend who wanted to get his kicks.Perhaps,it will end up in his mailbox but my view is she has been humiliated enough so why perpetuate it further?

A similar thing happened in Jamaica not too long ago. Sexual pictures were released and it caused the lady to lose her job with her bank - yes sexual pictures on the internet can possible reach as far as that into your life.
As Shotta Mark said, a similar email with pictures of a nude girl posing was circulated sometime ago here in Jamaica. According to the email, it was a girl who worked at RBTT, whose boyfriend was upset with her for breaking up with him. I got the email also and I must admit, at first, I was rather impressed with the pictures, however I felt sorry for her and was upset that her boyfriend did such an awful thing. However, we later discovered that it was a hoax and the pictures were of a girl from one of those black porn sites. So chances are the emial you got is a hoax!
That's just horrible and disgusting... Um, how do you get on the mailing list?
lol. Way to go Chris, you want to know who it is you're sympathising with, right??
That's like a woman's worst nightmare... You're so right, tho: why not make sure you have every copy and all the negatives???? Maybe she was just too trusting of her partner?
I agree with your thoughts here Kami. I too wonder why peeps would take such photos if they don't want them public.

Similar thing took place with the girl whose bf used some blue tooth (a so it name) cell phone to take shots of him receiving a blowjob from her and it ended up doing the rounds also.
so how come you aint pass the photos on to a bredren

similar thing happened awhile back in barbados girl was underage though and the guy got charged. think the girl had to leave the island too
agreed...what would be the point in keeping the shame going?!?!

btw: photos for you bredren!
Maybe it will turn out to be a hoax like the supposed bank girl in Jamaica some time ago. The school girl giving the blowjob was quite real though. My take is that whether or not you are in private or not, leave the camera out of it since there is no guarantee that it is going to remain private.
I have a slightly different take on it from everyone else I guess. I think people should be able to take private pictures and they should not have to fear that they must be the only one with copies. That trust should not be violated and I wish we would hear of more cases where the person who violates the trust gets in trouble, maybe then more things would be kept sacred.
Aaron D hit de nail on de head: trust shouldn't B violated & absolutely it'd be great to hear of violators facing consequences. Seems increasingly clear that women just gotta imagine de worst-case scenario & aim to prevent that. Also, de women prob'ly didn't sufficiently know the partners who'd try to ruin them with such public humiliation.
In the old days, one actually had to stand out in the hot sun and fling the big stones... Today we can do the equivalent from the comfort of our airconditioned offices and homes, with little or no risk of dislocating our shoulders whilst typing a few keystrokes...

I laugh at all this...

We are the one's who have shrouded the beauty of a woman's body in shame, and made the natural act of sex a tabboo.

I would be more fearfull of any of the nakid pictures I let my ex's take of me getting posted on the internet... 'cause then everybody might see how small my P-P is... :-)

Enough of this... I'm gonna go surf for free porn now...
I am sure its prolly just a hoax. Hey, that "RBTT" girl did drive up my hits big time though! I like her still!
A lot of those nude pics trying to embarrass people, are hoaxes. That RBTT girl was no RBTT girl, but a porn star who had pics on a website (I forget the name now). So, it may not even be someone that you know.

I agree with you though that any such pics taken if you so feel the need, should be kept private. It is ironic that you have never seen an email about a man with a 2 inch penis being circulated to humiliate a man. Is that a coincidence?

There are so many other serious things to deal with. The video tape of the young girl being raped, supposedly recorded by a church deacon, renders some serious thought to sex and people's sexual behaviour. That video was disturbing, believe me.
We ladies should have learnt a bitter lesson by now about taking pictures and videos while making out with our men. Its humiliating when the pictures and videos get out and Paris Hilton and Abi Titmus can attest to that no matter how much $$ or ££ the notoreity (I dont see that as fame) may have brought them.
I got similar emails a girl way back in a camerounian university sent several pictures of herself in various stages of undress to her 'boyfriend' she met on the internet and he in turn splashed them all over the internet.
Somehow, she found out that the pictures were being circulated all over her university campus and committed suicide when she couldnt stand the shame.
I have told my man, as long as I live, there is a permanent embargo on videos and camera's while making out!!
Yeah cool destiny I agree with u!! How come there are no pictures of all those teeny weeny male privates being circulated also? Tit fo Tat?
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