Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Bus strike

Gas price is now $11.50 a gallon an increase of S2.50(I think).On announcing the increase the PM outlined a plan for subsiding the cost to minibus operators as a measure against another hike in bus fares.From the little I overheard it seems as if the bus operators will have to use their receipts to collect the offered subsidies.

Seemingly angered by the Govt's insistence that fees should not be raised the Minibus Assoc decided to park its buses today.I got some problems with the Minibus Assoc starting with the way they come up with these transportation rates.Every time there is an increase in gas they demand an increased rate which is somewhat understandable.However,their rates are always 50% and in one particular village it went up by a 100% which seems exorbitant given their increase never crosses 50%.

Don't even get me started on their service.If users are expected to pay up then at least they should be guaranteed some decent service.Too often the buses are jampacked with the conductors hanging over passengers and forget about asking some drivers to lower the music.Then,there is the crude manner in which some operators treat school children simply because they are not paying a full fare.Actually,I just remembered why I only take buses if I absolutely must.

It's about time too that the Govt develops its own transport system rather than allowing the privately operated buses to close down the country at will.As I type am not even sure if the strike is continuing tomorrow or some resolution has been met.I won't be surprised if tomorrow I hear a news release saying a meeting will be held to discuss concerns etc etc.Maybe,it's time for the travelling public to have a strike of its own.

best thing we ever did was to get back the big buses and make it gov't owned. The minibuses had too much power.
Wow it buggers the mind how money moves and shapes out society!!

Its a shame that things like this are allowed to happen.

You speak of a consumer strike, but do the consumers have alternatives?
bad thing to let the private owned buses run things. i'm of the opinion that public transit needs to be government operated. its an essential service not a profit making business.
What a botheration.
The conditions on your buses reminds me of the jamaican bus sytem before the government implimented their own bus system.
Lucky us. We've got it government operated out here, but our system was once like yours.
MB,One can always walk:)
That's incredible. What makes me mad is that prices are regulated by people playing power games... We no longer live in a world where there are a lot of alternatives. Pretty soon, we'll be having to run a credit check just to buy enough gas to fill a car tank.
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