Thursday, July 20, 2006


I need a Bush Bath!

In Caribbean/Vincentian jargon it means using indigenous plants for healing purposes.If I were to chronicle my ailments am sure you all would declare I need not one but two bush baths.

Would you believe that on the eve of my departure to Jamaica the sickness bug has reared its annoying head again? This time it is some pretty serious stomach problems which translates into my having to eat bland foods for some time.So here am I going to the land of authentic jerk chicken and not being able to eat any.The gods not showing me any love at all!

Am most likely not going to update for the 2 weeks am abroad.So when I get back I should have many a story to tell.Be good until then.

Oh wow, I hope you have an absolute blast in Jamaica. I'd love to go there someday. Have fun, we'll miss you!
have a safe trip and have fun. sorry i'm not there for that bloggers link up
Enjoy your trip. Maybe a good JA bush bath as sooon as you get there should do the trick.. Tell us about the JA bloggers link/lime
Hush darling. Hope you recover soon. Can't wait to meet you!
When you reach maybe we send you to St. Mary to see a good obeah man!

Hope your travel is safe, and if you flying LIAT to Bim, I hope dem nuh serve you nuh sauce!
Thanks y'all for the kind wishes.Leon,looking forward to meeting you and all th e others as well.No Dr,no sauce for me.
Looking forward to meeting you as well... safe trip!
Sounds more like you need a good bush tea. Have a good trip girl. :)
damn..that's gotta suck...
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