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It's that time of the year when everyone including preschoolers are graduating.For some reason,I always find the idea of preschoolers decked out in gowns and mortarboards comical but I digress.

Graduation was always an event on the school calender that was eagerly anticipated.More than just finishing school it was an opportunity to don your finest and be escorted by a smartly dressed young man to the Ball.Oh,the efforts that went into getting the perfect outfit,hairstyle and crossing your fingers that the escort met parental approval.

The preceding graduation ceremony was just to be endured while visions of the Ball danced in one's head.Actually,it wasn't that bad since there's really nothing like being the centre of attraction.

Additionally,stealing a glance at your parents and seeing the pride in their eyes just lifts you up.If you were fortunate to be receiving an award or giving the valedictory speech it heightened the moment.Nevertheless,the thrill of arriving at one's journey's end was reward enough.

From what I have seen the excitement in today's students remains the same.Enjoy your day people.Soon you will have to worry about other matters.

Graduations are such a milestone event. I remember when I left Primary school, we didn't have a graduation and I insisted that we have one. The ceremonies in Jamaica are becoming a little bit more non-traditional from what I hear.

I think little pre-schoolers are absolutely cute and adorable in their gowns and little suits :)
The kids just don't know what they are getting into....
I remember that day. I couldn't wait to get out of school. Now I want to get back in.
I didn't go to any of my graduations so hopefully when i graduate from UWI 'fingers crossed' i'll definitely go.
I just recently gradauted with my Masters degree. And I am finally done with studies/ It feels so different being graduated finally from studies!
When four year old students have completed their nursery school programme, they will be moving to primary schools. In my opinion, these children have not completed their early childhood years, they will be continuing an early childhood programme at the primary schools. Therefore schools should hold End of Year Programme, Farewell programmes and not Graduations.
At my nursery school we celebrate the children's accomplishments with an End of Year Programme. This activity is very meaningful for students as well as parents.
Our End of Year programme was held on Wednesday, July 5, 2006 at the school. Many parents, guardians and friends attended the programme.

The children performed very well and their parents were proud and happy. The students who are moving on to primary schools received certificates of completion of the nursery school progamme and a book.

Most parents indicated that they were glad that the school holds a simple ceremony which does not incur unnecessary expenses of purchasing special clothes for a graduation.

The principal addressed the parents and students. The parents applauded the principal when she stated that "the children have only just begun, they are not graduating but are simply moving on."
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