Thursday, July 27, 2006


Blogger linkup

Just a quick note to say last night was great.It was so nice putting faces to the persons I've interacted with over the last 2 years. I must say you guys are HOTT.Stunner,you definitely don't need the gym.Marc,you haven't gotten out of the doghouse as yet and soon we will need an annulment.You have a couple hours to make it right:)

Cool Destiny,didn't you promise faithfully to show up? I hope your excuse has to do with someone dying since nothing else would do.

Remember,the 2007 linkup will be in St Vincent and the Grenadines around Vincy Mas time.Y'all have been warned so start saving early!(no visa required)I promise to treat y'all like the princes you are except you know who.Well,that is providing the atonement is good.

Finally,luggage got here but that's a whole nother blog for when I get home.

lovely accent you have, st vincent and the g spot sounds like a plan.
Girl you have me looking over the pic at Madbull's blog to figure out who is who :) can't wait for the next link up i'll try my best to be there.
sounds like y'all had a ball!
So it really is gonna be in St. Vincent. Better prepare.
glad you had some fun.
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It was nice to meet you to Kami, and thanks for the yuh mek mi a blush :)

St. Vincent doesn't sound like a bad idea.
Annulment? Didn't know we were married. Anyways hope I made it up with the outing to Quad.
have you be transformed into an LBL yet? :-)
Kami, nothing extreme, just wasn't feeling well that day. Didn't even go to work.
Glad to hear the luggage arrived and nice to see you again.
hey kami you mised your anniversary
Now I am REALLY SORRY I missed it!
I would have looked forward to meeting you Kami.
Awww,Immigrant so close and so far!

Jdid,didnt have much access to a pc.Will try catch up later in the week
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