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Another letter from jail

This time the letter didn't request that I pay the inmate a visit.Instead,it was to inform that he had found Jesus and was now a changed man.Actually, am wrong because towards the end he did express a longing to see me or hear from me.

Why do prisoners more often than not claim to find God? You hear it so often that you begin to question if it is genuine or simply the fashionable thing to do.The reality probably is that religion just serves to give the prisoners a refuge from the harsh environment that is prison.

Locked away from all that is familiar and feeling unwanted by society the need for forgiveness and redemption may make religion more attractive.So effectively it may just be a coping method since quite a lot who profess Christianity while behind bars soon lose it when released.

Am thinking I just may respond to him after all.Not because I buy his religion story but because I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable for closing him out totally.I can't see myself doing the visitation anytime soon so I will take the easier route and drop a note.Can't hurt,right?

Be careful. Next thing he sees you as his girlfriend waiting on his release and then he starts stalking you when he gets out.
It seems to me that saying you "found Jesus" after being in prison, or going through the twelve steps, or whatever is an easy and fast way to attempt to convince people that you have made amends and have set your life on the right track.

Also, it works well in front of a parole board. As you know, I don't really think finding "Jesus" is the correct answer so much as finding respect for your fellow man. Obeying the laws of the land isn't a bad idea and would probably help keep one out of prison better than obeying the ten commandments :)
Apparently, God is lost in jail. It was must be the only to explain His continuous discovery by prisoners. But then He goes in hiding again. I'd just send the guy a Bible and a toffee.

My blog has been hijacked by some strange person, so it belongs to me no more. When I get a new domain I'll let you know. Still in the US. See story on Doctor D's blog. Take Care! :-)
Honey be careful. The last thing you need is some stalker type action. If it's matters of faith he wants to discuss, refer him to your pastor/priest. That's my 2 cents. Now I'm shutting my mouth. ;)
Lots of folks who end up in various types of trouble seem to find God/Jesus. In the case of prison, I guess they have a lot of time to contemplate life, religion etc.

I have a colleague who sees prisoners for counselling and medical issues. She is also bombarded by letters claiming that they have been 'born again' etc. At the same time, they all claim to love her and want to have sex with her. One even said that he has wet dreams about her almost nightly. I told her to be very careful when around these incarcerated sex starved men whose testosterone levels are sky high. I would advise you in a similar way Kami.
Nothing wrong with sending a letter. Question though, do you know the individual or is it a random writing.
I always qeustion the finding God and more prevelantly becoming a Muslim while in prision. Why did it take a prision term form them to find religion, eventhough it better to find religion under any circumstance than not to find any at all.
Just becareful in your correspondence with him.
Camp,it is not a random writing but an acquaintance.It is from the same guy who I wrote about earlier
Kaschief! You're alive! Anyway, religion can be used by some to make them more eligible for parole, but most are serious about it I believe.
Kaschief,I was wondering if you quit blogging just so
They say don't apply group stereotypes to an individual; and don't judge a group by the actions of an individual.

That aside, perhaps a lot of what you said is true. And may be the mere solitude that comes with being in prison guides people to spirituality. Many feel that solitude is a way to be become intune spiritually.
Just out of curiosity, how did you get started with talking to this man? I'm not sure if you've ever posted about the beginning of your "relationship" with him, but it would be really interesting to hear about. I think that sending him a letter would be the best way to go... I'd be a little freaked out about meeting him too. Best of luck sweetie!
Grace,I knew him before he went to jail.
I'd say be careful too, especially since you do not know what the expectation will be when he leaves prison and what part you will play in his life when that happens.

I don't know that the environment in prison is one that fosters religious growth of individuals. Do they have church in prison? How many prisons really to have a social program which entails counselling, etc.? Not to say that being born again is impossible but unless it is fostered and indoctrinated, then it may really be a plea for mercy. How many prisons who declare their christianity while in prison actually continue their christian life when they are released? I'd like to see the statistics of that.
Maybe spending time in jail is the only time someone slows down enough to think about their life...?

I don't know, but like someone else was saying: Be careful, baby girl.
"The reality probably is that religion just serves to give the prisoners a refuge from the harsh environment that is prison"
Truth be told, isn't this the case with us all? Just replace the literal prison he is in with the harsh situations and complexities that we must contend with on a daily basis and you will realise that perhaps, the religious among us got their 'calling' when seeking refuge. Just like Abeni's prisoner friend.
I think people need to give these guys a break sometimes.
excuse me miss ting but where these jail birds finding you?

seriously though regarding the christianity thing I believe one in those harsh conditions the prisioners need something to hold on to and two taken away from their usual surroundings a man can become pensive and introspective realize his flaws and actually open himself up to religion
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