Tuesday, July 18, 2006


60 word story.

From Madbull's Blog comes this meme that I decided to take a shot at.The idea is to come up with a 60 word story.It was quite a challenge to get it down to the required length. I'd like to see Jdid take a shot at it.:)

In the distance was a strange light."How unusual" he remarked as he set off to investigate.His jaw dropped at what appeared to be a spaceship lying on the ground.Suddenly,the door opened and he felt himself being sucked into the ship.His last memory was the click of the door before he slumped lifeless to the floor.

Interesting meme. Still waiting to be asked to participate in one.
Leon,you can just pitch in.I was just making fun at Jdid cos his posts are always long:)
*Gasp* He dies?! Talk about a sad ending... gosh, and I was really getting to like the guy.
you know well enough i cant even clear my throat in less than 80 words :-)
LOL @ Jdid! Good one, Kami? I am sorry that the man died too... I was just getting to like him!
I was just getting into the story. What a tease. (I can't say "hello" in under, oh... 100 words!)
I finished mine!
Good one Abeni! Jdid's story was great too. I think I'll try my hand at one on my Monday post.
morbid, but i definitely like. you have a real talent there.
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