Monday, June 05, 2006


The thing called service

Friday night I decided to take my guests along with some other girlfriends for a night on the town.After some deliberations we decided to visit Restaurant X which is relatively new but fast gaining a reputation for serving good food.

We get there around 8.45 pm and by 9.00 our orders were placed.Nothing left to do now but enjoy the drinks and chat while we waited for the food.And what a wait it turned out to be! Alarm bells started to ring when 45 minutes passed and still no sign of food.One hour went by,still no food and even worse the waitress didn't see it fit to explain the delay.

To add insult to injury we notice a table where the persons came in about an hr after us being served.At this point it was necessary to have an audience with the manager.He expressed shock that we weren't all served as yet and went to the kitchen area to find out what the problem was.He came back offered some apologies and as a compromise/peace offering decided those of us who got late service would not pay for the food.It makes one wonder what constitutes late service seeing nobody got their early.Actually,it was 11.15 when the last person got their food,a wait of 2 hrs and fifteen minutes.But there wasn't any way he was going to let the entire table get away without paying.

The last bit of angst was when we received the bill.After assuring us that there was no service charge and three meals were free the bill was exorbitant.It turned out that three meals that we didnt even get were on the bill.I had to wonder if they didn't expect us to check it.

Needless,to say that's it for me and that place.I keep saying service in this place and I daresay region sucks and invariably am proven correct.As one my friends put it "They wanna charge first world prices while giving third world service".Would you believe one the girls wanted to leave a tip? Tipping,really must be the fashionable thing but am I happy to be outdated.

You guys have the patience of Job to wait 2hrs 15mins for your order.
You're being very generous in not disclosing the name of the restaurant, if 'Restaurnat X' isn't its name. If it is, then I would have heeded the warning from right there. :-O Nevertheless, it's real horrible to wait that long for food, especially for me, seeing as my belly is its own independent individual, with an agressive mind of its own. Then, they had the nerve to charge you!?!? OH HELL NO! Let me tell you, some tables would be crashing up in that place.
bill is good for health. Keeps us in check from spending and spending. helps us to be more responsible :D
just wanna comment regarding the third world thing. i am from a third world country but our service definitely isn't like that.

Oh my! I hope you didn't end up paying that bill in full. You should have all eaten for free just for having to put up with that terrible service. Not a smart move on the manager's behalf... word of mouth is one of the most powerful types of advertisement.
I would definitely put Restaurant X on blast for that type of service.

and since you right before leaving, i probably would've left after an hour of waiting. but i can kinda see why u stayed, having good conversation kinda makes you forget about time.

What did guys order to take so long, 2 camels and an
found another vincy on the web by accident. good tidings. who else out here? link me, nah.
lol, must do a post on the servicce industry with regard to west indian run resturants
I find the service in Jamaica to be very good generally. That's a long wait for food though. Personally, you would have to reaaalllllly impress me for me to leave a tip.
Tip? Ha! Never.
Wow. Here's a tip for them: Hire better help, give better service...

Hope you find a good replacement eatery for the next time out.
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