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The Rapes Continue.

In recent times this country has received more than its fair share of negative publicity in the international press.First there was the Fletcher case where well to do Americans were charged with the murder of a water taxi operator in Bequia.Ted Koppel of Nightline did a number on the island and Greta Van Susteren put the icing on the cake.Next was the Heath murder case where a South African woman met her death aboard a yacht at Cumberland.The husband,who most felt was the perpetrator waged an internet battle against the island.

Now,we appear poised to feel more backlash following the rape of two American teenagers and the physical attack of their mother enroute to the La Soufriere volcano.With the US Embassy already making noise we stand a chance of being "Arubanised" This annoys me on two counts.First,this country spends considerable amount of monies on Tourism.The Tourism Dept declares "we are the natural place to be" in an effort to entice visitors to our shores.So,when we attract a few we want them to go back with glowing tales of their visit and not with horror stories.

Secondly,in a previous blog entry I had expressed concern about the growing incidences of rape in this country.Something must be seriously wrong with us as a people when rapes are becoming so commonplace.Am beginning to think that penalties for rape should be revisited.If I had my way anyone found guilty would get nothing less than a life sentence.Some people argue for castration but I feel perpetrators would have forfeited their right to remain in society.And if there is any justice in this world hopefully they would be subjected to a taste of their own medicine while incarcerated.

Maybe castration PLUS a life sentence... What do you think?
I read your post, then wandered off to think on it for a bit.

Incarceration is all well and good but at some point we C'bean people are going to have to face up to the awful truth that something hideous is happening in our midst. Why the alarming violent trend? These murderers and sex offenders aren't springing fully formed from the head of some evil godling.
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Dorna,we losing or have lost our way.You hear the horror stories out of Trinidad and your heart aches.Who/what is to blame is the question.Some say out side influences wreaking havoc-what do we do?
agree wid dorna. something definetly going wrong. cant blame it on one thing though. its like the youth getting more lawless and morals going down the drain at the same time. dem aint tekkin in nuttin the parents say if the parents even try and we have no role models and well like i say too much to name
what is being done to teach the kids a better way to deal with outside influences? i left st. vincent at age nine. my thoughts are that of an outsider. what does it mean to be a vincy/trini/bajan? can't that knowledge somehow counteract outside influences? think of a the self-awareness movements of american blacks in the 60s and 70s. there's power in it. but then you look at crime in the u.s. and who knows what that really meant. what are the kids home learning about themselves adn their place in the world?
These terrible crimes are happening more and more everyday in so many places in the world. I honestly can't understand what would be going through any person's mind who would commit such a hateful act. The sentences definitely need to be more harsh.
Its not so surprising that these rapes and other anti-social crimes are happening in St Vincent at all.
Have you listened to some of the crap they play daily on the radio and buses.
There's no doubt about it, all these rap and ragga music mostly imported from oversea's are having a negative impact on the minds of the young and it will get worse before anything positive emerges.
Any thing I must need to mention, the youths of today must be educated to try and reject this false belief that everything American is cool.
American is spreading its terrible bile everywhere on this earth and corrupting the weak and uneducated.
America spreading it's terrible bile everywhere? What crap!

Have never had a problem with crime or violence until I made the mistake of visiting St Vincent. Daughters raped, wife beaten. In 10 years St Vincent will be another Haiti. The problem with St Vincent is uneducated, unemployed people making babies they can't raise.
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