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From time to time you can hear recording artistes complain to any who would listen about the way in which their material is pirated.Wednesday,the artistes stepped it up a notch by picketing outside the Court House as part of an anti piracy public awareness.

According to music producer Adrian Bailey,"the issue is that we are not collecting any revenue at all because the pirates are collecting the stuff and selling them even before we could get the chance to put them on the street," Even more dammning was his claim that employees of the radio stations leak promotional copies to pirates who then are in a position to sell cheaper on the streets.

I agree that these artistes make their product at a significant cost and of such would love to reap the monetary rewards.On the other hand each sale by the pirate represents a loss of legitimate sale which deprives everyone of profits.However,it would be very hard to eradicate piracy despite the best efforts of the authorities who have begun to clamp down on vendors.

Am not convinced that many think buying a bootleg CD is wrong per se.If it can be obtained at a cheaper price,why not?.Even better if you can obtain a CD with music from various artistes and it begins to look like good business sense. Furthermore,at the moment of money exchange nobody is thinking that Artiste X is losing a sale here.I expect a few vendors to be prosecuted but ultimately I don't see the problem going away.

And now a little World Cup news.Once more Argentina has dashed my hopes with another quarter final loss.And that's all am gonna say.Have a good weekend,bloggers.

The Argentinian players played better than their coach coached in this game. I Still he did a good job getting them to the Quarters. Anyways, I feel for you sistah. I have to park my Light Blue and white striped jersey for another 4 years
When you come to JA, go to Half Way Tree. You'll see bootleggers proudly displaying their wares.

Did you really expect them to win? Sure they're a good team, but Germany is just better.
Didn't see the entire match. *pout* Just caught the tail end. Penalty shoot outs. Weeping Argentinians. Woo... So the drama. :)
I was rooting for Argentina in that match but alas it was not meant to be.
Now Brazil get dusted too........
It really seems that is a whole European big amtch now...
Would Mexico have played betta??

Btleg Cds.. keep'ehm comin! until they sound well they are manna from the sky!

kewl blog!
Just watch out for VINCY HEAT in 2010..We coming in
I've never been one to buy bootlegged movies, but I've definitely been guilty of downloading music on the net without paying a single penny. Why pay when you don't have to?
CD burners rock!

I was a Argentina fan too.

Right now, the Cup has become all European. I think Germany will win, but as I am not a lover of their team or the French/Italians, I say gwaan chru Portugal!
As a lover of music I have never bought bootleg CD's. I have downloaded some free music. Jazz is my favorite music, and Jazz lasts forever, so I am happy to buy the original, although these days my money goes elsewhere because of priorities. But, whenever I buy CD's they are original as far as I know.

I do not think Germany were convincing against Argentina so I would not bet on Germany, but they may still sneak through. I hope they lose this week, but I have to give credit to Germany for hosting an excellent WC 2006.
as a former member of the svg team, let's be honest a say 2018 may be our year. this gives us twelve years to work with players 8-16 years old. any ideas how to generate the money to train them? year round? focused on this one goal? ideas? ideas?
Former member of svg team..You may have to spill your identity:)Gimme some clues
Wow. I guess we writers would feel bad if someone pirated our work. (Then again, I THINK I might be a little flattered that it was worth taking!LOL)
i'm not hard to find out. all you need to know is on the site... by the way, how do i get music/video on my site ike you have?
thanks for the help with the music.
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