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Am going straight to hell.Not only did I go to see BrokeBack Mountain but I also argued for tolerance.Secondly,against the urgings of the pastor I still went to see DaVinci code.To tell the truth I was disgusted when I heard him announce that we should not view the movie.Why can't I use my own judgement and decide what I should or shouldn't see?

Anyway,the minister needn't have worried since Christianity has not collapsed based on the reaction of the movie goers.There were several loud "no's" mixed with "I can't take this" when it was revealed/suggested that Jesus was married and had an offspring.There were some quips too but for the most part the tone was of disbelief.As the movie rightly said it's simply a matter of what you believe.

Overall,after having the read the book the movie was flat.I won't go as far as calling it boring but I expected more.Tom Hanks didn't light up the screen and neither did his costar.But,for Ian Mckellen(Gandalf of LOTR) who played Sir Leigh Teabing the acting was generally lifeless.

In other news,am a happy camper.My cable company has apparently yielded to pressure or grown a heart.Whatever the reason coverage of all WC football games is on my television from tomorrow.Now,if only I could find a way to skip work I'd be even happier.

I haven't read the book or seen the movie yet. Although I am quite curious to check the story out at some point in my life, I don't think that now's the time for me. I'll probably just rent it when it comes out on video... ummm, or dvd (yikes, I'm talking all old-fashioned now).
you was already gong to hell :-)
I meant to read DaVinci Code before the movie came out, but that didn't happen. Maybe I'll go see the ovie anyway this weekend. I still haven't seen BrokeBack Mountain, just wasn't that interested.
You argued for tolerance?? TOLERANCE? HOW DARE YOU :P

I don't quite understand why people get upset with the whole Jesus got married idea. (Nevermind the theory being pushed in a FICTIONAL movie based on a really poorly written novel) I always thought that the most important idea of Christianity was that Jesus was mortal. Isn't that what was supposed to make the Ascension that much more important?
I was going to read the book after Jdid did his review on the topic. I took it along on my vacation. Then the hype about the movie came along and the sad reviews, that put out the desire I had to read the book, so I neither did read the book or wath the movie. Oh well maybe next time.
Who cares whether he was married or not? It is not as if marriage is a no no for Christianity.So married or not the message is still the same.

Chris,I agree the book wasn't too well written.It seems some parts were just thrown in for no reason
I think if it was shown conclusively that Jesus was a gangsta or a pimp and that he had several ho's that the Christian faith would take over this world in a profound manner. So there ain't really nothing wrong if he had a wife a kid. I believe the old flick Jesus Christ Superstar suggested that he got Mary Magdalene laid. They were not happy with the foot washing alone. I noh see nuthin wrong wid dah.
i knew of the story long before dan brown immortalized it in his poorly written book

the church needs enemies
heretics namely

just as any pack does

but as for going to hell
because you practice tolerance
then ill meet you there

and we can chat about it with gods only son
if that is the case

he introdcued me to it
The Church is angry over this (esp the Catholics) because jesus was supposed to be the symbol of perfection, the man who resisted all things carnal. That's why they're so angry over the DaVinci code. Personally, I see it as just fiction.
When you get there, drop my name to the door-guy, he'll hook you up and you can join me in the VIP lounge... We can practice more than tolerance babe...

But all seriousness aside... Think about this; What did sheep do before there were Shepherds? The Shepherd decides that the sheep need to be led because they cannot think for themselves. It is the Shepherd’s opinion that they are unable to think, and he knows what’s best for them. He guards them against predators… Why? For altruistic reasons? Or because he uses them for wool and mutton? If the sheep were bald and their flesh inedible, would they be worthy of leading and guarding? Why are Prairie-dogs not herded? The only animals that are herded are those that can be exploited… If people wish to be in a "flock" then they need a shepherd, and should submit to having all their decisions made for them… Then again, according to Genesis, the sheep only had to wait around for one day until man was created and given full authority over them, I guess even a bunch of stupid sheep can get through one day without having someone to tell them what to do… I suppose they just ate grass, baaah’d and pooped and stuff…
Neither shepherd, sheep nor wolf am I... I am a Prairie-dog...
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